Fantasy Bookings: TNA vs. WWE [By Wyat Brown]

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May 26, 2013 by officialwyat



In a recent interview, TNA President Dixie Carter said she would be open to a WWE vs. TNA event. While this will never ever happen, it is quite amusing to conjure up an event card in your head. Of course, as a wrestling fan, who happens to write about wrestling, I have to throw my hat into the bin for this rendition of Fantasy Bookings. So here is what I believe would be the best card to have for an event such as this.

Main Event: Sting vs. Undertaker
Co-Main Event: Jeff Jarrett vs. Vince McMahon
Bad Influence vs Usos
Samoa Joe vs. Dean Ambrose
AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler
Robbie E. vs Zack Ryder
Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton
Petey Williams vs Austin Aries vs Rey Mysterio vs Tyson Kidd
Mickie James vs Natalya
Team 3D vs PTP

The two main events are both no-brainers, because there is no way to hold an event such as this without those two matches. Sting vs. Undertaker has been needing to happen since about ’99. While Sting hasn’t ruled out that match happening before he retires, his weariness of WWE and Dixie’s persuasive skills, Sting has remained with TNA. This match is one of the only “Super Fight’s” left in wrestling from that era, and this would be a perfect place for it to happen. Now, the Jeff Jarrett vs. Vince McMahon match is something that wouldn’t necessarily be a “great match”, but it would be absolutely fitting. The story is already built-in due to their history, plus an added element of intrigue. Jeff being fired on national TV during the WCW take-over plus their past history of difficulties is ammo enough for a good story, but add in the Promoter vs. Promoter tag-line, and it instantly makes you want to watch. There has been too many companies put out of business by Vince, that you cannot list them all. The fact that Jeff would be fighting “in their honor” would be a very cool element to the story. While Vince isn’t a wrestler by any means, hes had matches, and with as great as Jeff is at storytelling matches, there’s no doubt that the match would be worth a watch.

Now the mid-card is meant to showcase the top talents of both companies with guys like AJ, Dolph, Daniels, Ambrose, and Samoa Joe. The tag match with Bad Influence and the Usos would be an incredible match to watch as all four performers would be flying around the ring and tear the house down. Both Joe/Ambrose and AJ/Dolph are matches that any wrestling fan would clamor to see. The action that these matches would have would make the heads of the WWE fans explode. Putting a match like Robbie E. vs. Zack Ryder is a great filler/comedy match as a breather from the action that would prove who the ultimate Broski truly is. Bobby Roode and Randy Orton both have a sort of similarity in how they put their matches together that would undoubtedly be Randy’s best match in years, if not his whole career.

The lower card is meant to get the crowd going and get em ready for the rest of the night, and what better way than to open with the most decorated tag team in wrestling history? Bubba and Devon have run through every tag team that they have come across, and this time would be no different. While the Prime Time Players are a great tag team, and honestly, one of WWE’s only true teams, they’d be no match for the WWE returning Dudley’s. While I have TNA represented by mostly homegrown talents, you have to have some big stars that the WWE crowd would recognize, and putting them in the opening is a great way to pop the crowd and get em going. While TNA does have some good female talent, their best would have to be Mickie James, who’d be a great surprise for the crowd. Natalya is the obvious choice as she is honestly the only female wrestler they have, and her family pedigree would ensure a damn good match. Of course, you have to showcase the high fliers, as TNA was built upon it, and who better than Austin Aries and Petey Williams, two of the absolute best, and X Division originators. Throwing Rey Mysterio into the fold is simply as an homage to what he did in the past, and to “pass the torch”, because, lets face it, Rey is done. Tyson Kidd, when healthy, and given the match to showcase, has a lot of talent and would blend right into the mix of the X Division style.

While I’m sure many of you have alterations or arguments as to some of the matches, this is simply what I personally believe would be the best card to have. It’s truly a shame that WWE has killed wrestling and fears competition because an event like this would only be good, no matter the outcomes of any of the matches. An event like this would be great for the sport of wrestling, and I don’t know why it doesn’t happen more often. There are plenty of companies that would have a great showdown event. But, that is a topic for another time.

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