Fantasy Booking: TNA-MMA


July 12, 2013 by officialwyat

TNA has done something that pro wrestling hasn’t really seen before, and that’s cross-promoting and signing MMA fighters to be wrestlers.  While WWF had Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn and WCW had Tank Abbott, none of those fighters were current MMA fighters at the time. Both King Mo and Rampage are currently fighting while appearing for TNA.


Though neither man has had a single match, they have both appeared on Impact and even gotten physical (in the case of Mo). While they need training before a match should take place, there is a storyline that would be totally different than any other done in wrestling just waiting to be drawn out.


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is ready to be a wrestler, and anybody that’s been a fan of his, knows he should be a wrestler. He has always had the character n charisma to be one, and even during his fights, you see that X-Factor within him to make a great wrestler, and that’s captivation. He captures your attention with his aura and presence; you can’t help but pay attention to his fight.


Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal is a relatively new face in the MMA world, but has made a pretty good name for himself. While he doesn’t have the charisma or x-factor that Rampage possesses, He does have an aura about him that, with work, could turn into a good wrestling character. He is quite green on the mic and in front of the camera, never-the-less, his presence was felt during his role as Enforcer for the James Storm/Bobby Roode match at Bound For Glory.


With both men simultaneously competing for Bellator and TNA, there is a great opportunity for both companies to capitalize on it and do cross-promotion. These two can be booked into a pretty interesting feud. Have “Rampage” come down and cut a promo about his next fight, during this is when Mo would come down and bury him on the mic. This would lead to a face-off and a cheap shot by Mo before leaving the ring.


Following his fight, “Rampage” would return to TNA to finish his business with Mo, calling him out but security keeping them apart. Another promo and a brawl on Impact would set up a match on Impact. The fallout of this match would not sit well with the other and a rematch would be booked for the following PPV. Now what would make this storyline twist what is possible in wrestling, would be to have the feud escalate to a “Final Showdown” at a Bellator event.


While Mo has recently been active in OVW, the training facility for TNA, and Jackson has been booked into the Main Event Mafia, this storyline is about as likely as seeing Scott Steiner return to Impact. As compelling n ground-breaking as something like this would be, TNA has never been known to do what’s logical, so all we can do is Fantasy Book this in our heads.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Booking: TNA-MMA

  1. I’d like to see more of Rampage on the microphone. Dude is so funny. If TNA can capture his real personality it will be amazing. He’d be the most liked wrestler on the roster.

    • officialwyat says:

      Completely agree. Ramp is a tremendous speaker, and a great entertainer. Now, we just have to wait for this whole Main Event Mafia business to be finished and get him some more training, then he could really be an asset to them. For as long as they keep him/stay in business.

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