MVP A Retrospect: Living the dream

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October 4, 2013 by gorillapressonline

The following article was featured in an issue of the now defunct AWM Alternative wrestling Magazine upon re-reading it I felt inclined to polish it up a little and re post it here hopefully gaining MVP some new fans in the process and giving my existing readers an article which I wrote about one of my favourite wrestlers.

Please enjoy and I look forward to hearing your comments about the article as usual

MVP Living the Dream


Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) is a rare commodity in the wrestling industry, overcoming a rough past which he is nothing but honest about, leaving the WWE of his own accord to pursue his dreams of wrestling in Japan for NJPW his childhood dream.

I have nothing but respect for the man who I enjoyed watching in wwe and have had the chance to shine in NJPW doing what he loves for a crowd who eats up the “black Godzilla” persona.

MVP started his storied career wrestling in various Indy promotions under the ring name Antonio Banks in Full impact pro, after wrestling Homicide in ROH Show Do or Die IV and had a few short appearances in TNA in 2003-2005.

Wrestling for CCW with D’Lo brown and Jerry Lynn got him signed to a developmental contract with the WWE for Deep South Wrestling in late 2005; originally as Antonio Banks then later honing the MVP persona, portraying a cocky, arrogant Athlete shaping his eventual run in the WWE.

Entering into the WWE as a hot commodity well dressed free agent surrounded by suits and girls negotiating deals with his “agent” Smackdown general manager Theodore Long.

Initially coming up as a heel he would enter arenas running through an inflatable runway tunnel setting up a memorable gimmick which any wrestler/fan will tell you is an important hook to have for a newcomer followed by his signature “ballin’” motion which would later be mimicked by hordes of fans.

His first major stint on Smackdown had him begging for tougher opponents and would thrust him in a lucrative program with Kane which accumulated with an inferno match at Armageddon 2006, the match ended with Kane setting fire to MVP’s back and causing “1st Degree burns” which would leave MVP out of action.

His next major feud was with Chris Benoit and the build up had MVP challenging various “champions” from around the world, in reality a bunch of jobbers which piled on the heat and solidified his heel persona.

Wrestling Benoit at Wrestlemania 23 was an incredible leap and by this point MVP’s in ring style and present had greatly improved and he was showcasing his skills alongside veteran Benoit.

MVP accomplished his first title win in an excellent two out of three falls match at Judgement Day 2007.

MVP went onto defend the title against Matt Hardy and in a true case of  wrestling imitating life, a heart condition that MVP suffered with was woven into the storyline with MVP blaming the Wolff-parkinson-white Syndrome  as the cause of losing a arm wrestling match against Hardy.

After the short feud with Hardy he would end up as Matt’s tag team partner that ultimately had them winning the Tag Team Titles and defending them for weeks competing with each other  fighting for the “captain” role in the team; MVP held both the US and Tag Team belts in this time.

Losing the tag belts MVP turned on Matt attacking him after a match injuring his knee putting Matt out of action for some time.

MVP and Rey Mysterio had some really great encounters in 2007, this was a time when you could tell MVP had no sign of faltering or his push declining, even at a point when he was being underutilised MVP could still draw a crowd into a match or promo.

Money in the bank at Wrestlemania 24 marked the return of Matt Hardy in which he returned the favour costing MVP the match with a devastating twist of Fate from a ladder on MVP.

Matt Hardy would end MVP’s US championship reign a month later at backlash (2008) ending a reign which had MVP holding the third longest record of 363 consecutive days as champ in wwe history.

A brand change followed sending Montel to RAW changing his persona from the cocksure athlete to a rags to riches story of an underprivileged athlete, this is a period in MVP’s career where he was being clearly underutilised leaving viewers watching the discern on MVP and his persona and viewers could tell he wasn’t enjoying it as his run on Smackdown and his matches struggled as a result.

A brief reprise to Smackdown in 2010 left him interrupting CM Punk’s straight edge society and Teaming with Rey Mysterio, the two had some memorable matches on the Smackdown shows.

 Sadly after a few weeks this again seemed to be brushed under the carpet and MVP was sent over to NXT to be Percy Watson’s Mentor.

MVP was a good fit with “ShowTime” Percy Watson but by this point his frustration would escalate leading him to ask for and was granted his release from the company.

 Montel left on good terms and decided to pursue his dream of joining NJPW wrestling in Japan with some of the legends he admired and respected.

The bravery to leave the pinnacle company with financial stability to pursue a personal ambition is admirable and is one of the reasons MVP is one of my favourite wrestlers. Alongside his affirmable personality in and out of the ring and with his knowledge and passion for wrestling he is a great athlete for aspiring pro wrestlers to look up.

MVP joined New Japan Pro Wrestling in early 2011 entering the company as a member of the heel faction Kojima Army in late February of that year.

2011 New Japan Cup: MVP entered himself into the contest to achieve a number one contenders spot for the IWGP Championship; defeating Karl Anderson in the first round.

Sadly MVP suffered his first NJPW defeat losing to Togi Makabe in the second round.

MVP returned to the USA to wrestle on a NJPW tour and competed in the first ever IWGP intercontinental championship tournament, defeating Kazuchika Okada in the first round,  Tetsuya Naito in the second and bested Toru Yano to be crowned the first IWGP Intercontinental champion in the finals.

The 2011 G1 Climax show had MVP win an impressive six out of his nine matches and was finally defeated by Karl Anderson in a classic match to costing him a place in the G1 CLIMAX finals.

A three match series with Masato Tanaka for the IWGP Title is well worth watching, MVP retains the title in the first two matches finally losing the belt in the third at the Destruction 2011 PPV, and MVP’s rematch was unsuccessful in regaining the IWGP Intercontinental belt.

MVP has found his home in NJPW and continues to wrestle alongside a top class roster and is proof that you can achieve your dreams outside of the WWE and is an inspiration to anybody who wishes to become a pro wrestler.

The future is very bright for MVP in Japan and anywhere that his graced with his talent below are some classic matches for any new fan as an introduction to Montel Vontavious Porter.

MVP Vs Kane Inferno match wwe Armageddon 2006

MVP Vs Chris Benoit two out of three fall match Judgement Day 2007

Money in the bank Wrestlemania 25

MVP Vs Toru Yano IWGP Intercontinental championship match NJPW Dominion 2011

MVP and Shelton Benjamin Vs Complete Players Wrestle Kingdom V

MVP Vs Karl Anderson NJPW New Japan cup round 1 Korakuen Hall

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