Thank you Taker

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April 8, 2014 by gorillapressonline


Sunday April 6th will be a day I shall never forget, the end of an era. The Superdome (not the Silverdome as the immortal Hulk Hogan kept refering to the stadium as) was the venue where the streak ended. It actually was painful to type that sentence.


Undertaker is the reason I am a lifelong wrestling fan; from his ominous ring attire, the mystique that surrounds him and his immense in ring presence, growing up alongside the streak and watching the antics of the WWF/WWE superstar is part of me and the reason I stayed a fan throughout my life never “growing” out of it. 


Over the next few days and weeks there are going to be hundreds of posts just like this one, all of them equally as important and sentimental as this one will be to me.


Everyone has their favourite undertaker moments and stories and I thought I’d take the time to share mine; It was at a live WWE Smackdown television taping around 2004 in Manchester. The show was under-way and along with fellow Gorilla Press contributor Skylacker316 we had modest seats in the lower priced bracket when Heidenreich entered the ring then all of a sudden the lights cut and the Undertaker’s infamous music struck, this was surprising to us both as ‘Taker wasn’t scheduled to appear at all we both turned in excitement eyes firmly peeled on the ring for a glimpse of the dead man, originally we were doubtful telling each other it was all just head games as Taker prepared for Survivor series

As the Deadman approached the ring tears of joy streamed down my face ( I am not afraid to admit that 20(ish) year old me cried when I first seen the Phenom live) we were both excited to finally see a childhood hero, excitedly telling friends afterwards and eagerly awaiting the television broadcast the following Friday night on sky sports only to have the entire segment cut from the taping! as ‘Taker wasn’t meant to appear until Survivor Series that year WWE had axed the segment to keep the return suspensful and fans salivating. Ridiculed and called a liar( in jest) it has forever been a personal in-joke with family and friends and one of my favourite live WWE Experiences.


As you have all undoubtedly seen Undertaker is retiring, he will always be the heart and soul of WWE and his impact will be felt for decades, Thank you Taker.

Please feel free to share your Undertaker stories, favourite matches and moments here and on twitter @Gpressonline


– Mark 


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