Rip Ultimate Warrior

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April 9, 2014 by gorillapressonline

It’s with a heavy heart that I type this. Ultimate Warrior, James Hellwig has passed away, times like this are a reminder of one ones own mortality and a character as passionate and large as Warrior will be greatly missed.

We all know that sports entertainment is just that,entertainment, but this is a stark reminder of the shortness of time we all have on thesis earth and is one of the times that it is all too real.

Seeing Warrior back on wwe television and being inducted into the hall of fame only days previous was a delight and knowing that after all the years of turmoil and anger with the company he was able to find peace with them is a comfort.

I did not know Ultimate Warrior personally, but as many of us wrestling fans growing up I felt a connection to the strong, brightly coloured comic book hero that he played in the WWE.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends in this difficult time.

Warrior Nation will live on in the hearts and souls of all the fans around the world, today we lost another great and the world is worse without him.


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