Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection DVD Review

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May 2, 2014 by gorillapressonline


Monday 7th April WWE and Free-mantle media released an highly anticipated box-set of the Ultimate Warrior’s greatest matches and promos, sadly as we all know by know the next day Jim Hellwig would leave this plane, collapsing in Arizona and sadly passing at the far too young age of 54.

This box-set is a perfect tribute to the over the top, energetic and insanity fuelled wrestler fans of the 90s will have grown up admiring. Never thought to ever be released due to the decade long personal feud between Vince McMahon and the Warrior. Luckily before his passing Warrior was able to find peace with Vince and the WWE resulting in this story, his admission into the WWE Hall Of Fame and this definitive collection of matches and moments from his career.

Warrior himself opens the proceedings in an sit down narration in which he documents that finally the true story of the Warrior can be told (for the most part anyway), he flashes to the OTT persona yelling at the viewer is just as exhilarating now as it was as a child, I dare you not to get goosebumps when that music hits and the Warrior rushes to the ring, shaking the ropes like a madman.

From his early matches tagging with Steve Borden (Sting) as the blade runners, from thee start of his career Warrior had the physique and aggression that would define his latter career; his move to World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) as the “Dingo Warrior” with its primitive styling of his now notorious face paint gimmick

The first match, against Chris Adams is intriguing mainly for the addition of a promo from the Late Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) with a blonde ‘stache and blond hair, a grave departure from his pallid persona in WWE. Even this early in his career his brute strength and impressive feats are evident. These matches will be new to a lot of younger fans and are a great introduction to this collection. Warrior looks green as grass in this match but compensates with this athletic prowess and impressive physique although he was never had the most prolific wrestling ability he made up for that shortfall with his ability to baffle and intrigue audiences with his crazy promo work which is showcased in abundance across this DVD.

The DVD moves quickly to his introduction in the WWF in 1987, all the segments in-between the matches ofWarrior talking are interesting, explaining a dark match and then having a huge stack of travel dates in a short space of time, Warrior comes across charismatic and humble in these segments, viewers can tell that he was pleased to be telling these stories after all this time.

This DVD also gives Warrior fans an insight into how he percived the WWF/WWE at the time and his involment this is a comprehensive and informative interview that new and existing fans will find rewarding, Warrior speaks about an early injury and his subsequent hiding of the injury for fear of losing a push and momentum in the WWF.

A match from 1988 against WWF legend Harley Race is an early highlight, Race makes Warrior look like a million dollars selling his onslaught of attacks perfectly, it’s interesting to see a veteran of the ring helping a younger talent, which undoubtedly was a rarity in that period due to the fact many of the older wrestlers were reluctant for the incoming change in the business, this proves how smart a worker Race was and is a delight to relive.

The intercontinental championship match against the Honky Tonk Man at Summerslam 1988 was a turning point for the Warrior as he quickly runs wild over the IC champion and making short work of his opponent paving the path for the Warrior and all of the Warrior nation. The superior match from December 17th 1988 is also included and from this point on the box set becomes essential; the feud with Macho Man Randy savage and the Title Vs Title match is awesome, if you have never seen this match purchase this box set immediately.

Matches with Rick Rude and Andre the Giant make up the rest of the first disc, Warrior talks honestly about working with Rude and latter remembering working with Andre, working with a bunch of “Jobbers” whom he actually gives credit to which is a great thing to see, the matches though are mainly filler squash matches but in the process make Warrior look like an unstoppable tour de force.

The first disc rounds off nicely with the Andre the Giant brother Love segment and a decent match from the Warrior and Andre.

The second disc will be more familiar to older WWE universe members and the matches on offer are incredible; if watching a Ultimate Warrior match for the first time skip straight to this disc as the quality on display is unreal, rarely are the second discs a highlight on these WWE releases but in this case it is essential.

Staring in 1990 and the build-up to the iconic Hulk Hogan match, this is also where the insane and baffling promos begin. These are a delight to re watch and for many younger fans discover the intensity and presences of the Warrior for the first time.


The crowd at the Skydome for wrestlemania VI was unreal and even today the tension and excitement is here in abundance proving just how much of a powerhouse Warrior and Hogan were in the 90s, testament to the WWE for changing the usual format of Hogan matches at previous ‘manias as well (usually an ally of Hogan would stab him in the back leading into a feud) and allowing the two to clash building it up perfectly on the run up to to the collision.


The sole reason for owning this DVD comes next; an insane advert for Summerslam featuring multicoloured lightening emblazoning the body of the Warrior with lasers shooting from his eyes and a mask painted onto his chest as he flexes! Seriously as good as it sounds.


The rest of this disc contains a mixture of matches and promo footage, matches with Million Dollar Man, Rick Rude, Sgt Slaughter round off this DVD nicely and prove what an excellent year 1990 was for the Warrior.


The third disc is more from the Warrior’s WWF run an epic steel cage match against Macho King Randy Savage is included alongside some other great matches, the great thing about this DVD is the amount of interview and introduction footage and hopefully this is a new trend for WWE in their upcoming releases.


This DVD boxset is a definitive look at the in ring career of the Ultimate Warrior and a perfect swansong, forget about all his personal lunacies and his insane rants (which I don’t agree with but thats a story for another time) and focus on the things he did inside the WWF/E and enjoy a trip down memory lane for one last time.





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