WWE Summer 2014 Releases

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June 13, 2014 by gorillapressonline

Several WWE Superstars were released from their contracts on June 12th 2014.12 performers in total did not have their contracts reviewed the list of superstars released is as follows:

Theodore “Teddy” Long: The former WWE Smackdown General manager had been with the company since 2004 but had not been on television in recent years.

Evan Bourne: The high flying ROH superstar Matt Sydal had been under utilised in the WWE and after suffering a foot injury which sidelined him over over a year, medically cleared to wrestle WWE never used him again on television, Expect to see him return to the Indy scene or a possible move to Japan.

Brodus Clay: A key player in both NXT and WWE, this a surprising loss and I fully expect a move to TNA or NJPW in the near future.

Aksana: appearing on the first all woman series of NXT and having spots with Teddy Long and Goldust in the WWE, Askana had been with the company since 2014 ridiculed on Monday nights Raw she was soon released.

Yoshi Tatsu: Much like JTG (who was also released) wasn’t used on WWE programming in a long time much a token Japanese guy on the roster, moved to NXT and after a few brief feuds with Tyson Kidd was dropped from the company.

Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre: 3MB are no more! Hopefully Heath Slater will survive this recent cull, his in-ring work is improving despite he shape faltering. 3MB were RAW jobbers for the past few months but have had an interesting programme with El Matadors( fully expect those to dissolve as a tag team soon as well).

Camacho: After tag team partner Hunico donned the Sin Cara gimmick (as the real Sin Cara sucked and was released) he was relegated as filler to the up and coming stars of NXT.

Curt Hawkins: I didn’t even realise he still had a contract! Done nothing with the company since a failed tag team with Zack Ryder -surprised he still has a contract too- again Hawkins was used to push future NXT talent.

JTG: Cryme pays no more! The former Cryme Time member has long evaded the chop from the WWE brass, released then rehired then not used then released pretty much sums up the JTG story.

Mostly these release are just WWE “trimming the fat” the only real loss could be Brodus Clay; but the time invested in him and the Funkasuarus gimmick had grown stale. WWE had no interest in pushing him as the “big guy” field is firmly covered with Russev, Big E Langston and Mark Henry.

Would expect Evan Bourne to make a half decent living on the Indy circuit possible global appearances could boost some of the UK independent scene too or look for him settling in far east although he would get lost in a sea of excellent talent at the moment if he was to venture to NJPW.


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