The Best of Raw After the Show DVD set Review

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June 17, 2014 by gorillapressonline


Ever wondered what happens after Monday night Raw finishes? If you have ever attended a WWE live event (if not, go to one as soon as you can) then you will know when the shows are finished the superstars like to give fans a little bit extra; well now thanks to WWE’s latest DVD Box set after the show you finally have the chance to see what goes on when Raw goes off the air.

Presented by the underrated Renee Young this is DVD set is filled with exclusive never before scene moments from over a decade of Monday night Raw episodes.

The format may put some viewers off as there is no commentary on the action, after a brief introduction explaining that this DVD is essentially a two hour highlight reel- think an extended YouTube marathon and you’re in the ball park, Renee does break up some of the footage but instead of being presented in chronological order maybe it could’ve been broken into sub genres (comedy, OMG, action etc.).

An eclectic selection of clips featuring all the WWE legends and superstars ranging from the downright hilarious to the mundane and pointless, fortunately there are more of the positives than the “filler” although the disc probably doesn’t merit as many re-watches like some of the other WWE DVDs its worth tracking down to view at least once.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are undoubtedly the reason to watch this set, when the Rock is given a microphone and free reign its always a pleasure to watch, expect tons of Rock bottoms, jaboroni jokes and plenty O’ Pie eating.

Stone Cold is having fun in the majority of his segments, his interaction with fans, other superstars and announcers (poor Lilian Garcia?!) and his enthusiasm and ability to flow and gauge fan reaction is astounding and will put him up there with the great mic guys for a long time to come.

A highlight of the first disc is a segment featuring Austin ad-libbing with the crowd about professions is hilarious to the point that come the end of it good ole Stone Cold is in stitches himself and the viewer will be with him.

DX era Triple H is also on fire here there is an excellent apology segment featuring Undertaker Kane and The Rock which unfolds into chaos and is a delight to witness, in fact its really great to see Undertaker in this light, the usually sullen and professional ‘Taker gets into the spirit of things perfectly, announcing that he and Kane both love Pie……..Poontang Pie! Another worthy segment and quite possibly the highlight of the set features Booker T and a host of superstars ribbing the dead man and trying to get a Spin-a-roonie the outcome won’t be spoiled here but suffice to say its worth watching.

“12 years of Deadman walking, I wanna see one day of Deadman spinning” – Triple H

Its great to see guys like Chris Jericho making a complete fool out of himself with the likes of the Dudley Boys and Too Cool although segments like this do tend to overstay their welcome at some points.

The first two disc host the attitude era shenanigans but It isn’t just them that hat get to have all the fun! The third disc hosts a whole slew of PG era superstars poking fun at each other talking trash and generally having a good time. There is a segment which includes quite possibly the worst Hulk Hogan back piece tattoo I’ve ever seen (sorry dude).

It would have been a great addition to have some of the key players input on the clips shown as a form of commentary or interview snippet, this would have broken up the repetitive nature of this release and could’ve proven very funny as in all honesty most of them wouldn’t even remember half of the items on display here.

Growing up being a WWE fan in the attitude era and continuing to be a WWE fan for the years after this box-set offers lots to like but isn’t recommended in one sitting, best viewed in small chunks and with a group of like-minded friends there’s plenty to enjoy.

Sadly three discs is a little too long and there could’ve been at least an hour of footage trimmed making this a lean 2 disc box-set which would’ve worked better but this is a fun DVD set overall and worth picking up at the right price.



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