10 Moments That Hint At Rollins’ Awesome Heel Turn


June 20, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Although it feels like ages ago at this stage, such is our seemingly never-ending grief and heartache, it’s been just a few weeks since Seth Rollins turned on The Shield, so he could run off and lick Triple H‘s butt or wear suits or whatever. The majority of fans could never have predicted such a massive transgression on the part of Rollins who, to his credit, always felt like the most reliable member of The Shield. After all, he was the quiet, happy-go-lucky, pop punk member who always nodded sagely in the background and rarely so much as spoke out of turn.

However, upon further reflection – otherwise known as sifting through the multitude of often terrifying rubbish that constitutes “the shield” tag on Tumblr – it’s become clear that Rollins’ incredibly shocking heel turn may not have come out of nowhere, after all. In fact, judging by some certain, key moments, it seems as though he’s been planning to leave for ages, and has been uncomfortably and noticeably itching to turn as his brothers stood by, totally unaware.

The following are ten moments – captured in gif, the most stylish art form in which to present such damning evidence against a beloved wrestler – in which Seth Rollins gives away just how close he is to leaving The Shield/falling off the edge/killing Ambrose. Approach with caution, as your fanfic may forever be ruined if you continue past the jump. The following simply cannot be unseen. You have been warned:


1). In one of the most disturbing moments in the fractured history of Thefuck u ambrose Shield, Rollins turns on his team-mate Dean Ambrose in his moment of weakness. What was he thinking? Was he perhaps hungry and couldn’t wait any longer? Did he need a piss? Was he just sick of Ambrose’s smug, gurning face? Perhaps he’d just had enough and wanted to take a stand. Maybe he wanted to talk first for once?


2). Rollins is blatant here, as he trolls the hell out of Reigns, who’s trying to have a deep, meaningful conversation with Piper. Clearly not bothering to show anyone any laughrespect any more, Rollins has gone full circle and is now a cartoon character, popping up at inopportune moments to ruin the atmosphere for all concerned with his giant, yellow head.



3). The cracks are really starting to show now, as he visibly look alive rollinsbristles at the idea of bumping fists with the unofficial leader of The Shield, Ambrose, who clearly gestures as if to say “that’s how it’s done, kid”. On the other hand (no pun intended), Reigns seems blissfully unaware of his being literally stuck in the middle. He’ll later confess to his counsellor that he didn’t think anything was wrong, that his team-mates appeared to be content and there was no real cause for concern.


4).  A moment the camera was clearly not supposed to catch, during which Rollins obviously asks “Can we cut?” while his brothers fumecan we cut silently next to him. Ambrose chews his gum in barely-disguised fury at his colleague’s inability to stay on script. Reigns wonders what’s for lunch.




5). During a routine meeting with The Authority, Rollins is unable to contain his unhappiness at his brothers’ refusal tobored of this abide by the wishes of the powers that be. He looks sheepishly downwards, as if to covertly communicate to Triple H that he wishes it didn’t have to be this way, that he hopes he can be on the other side of the carpet one day, perhaps wearing a similar tie. Meanwhile, Ambrose looks worryingly at him in fear of him messing up again, while clutching his belt protectively to his chest.


6). As teeny tiny little Daniel Bryan celebrates right next to him, i wish i were dbRollins quietly seethes because, he wishes he were him up there, wearing clothes that don’t cause him to sweat profusely just by breathing. Then he wouldn’t have to share the limelight with two other dudes whose hands are always sweaty even right after they shower. The gloves don’t help.


7). Again, visibly angered at acting so inappropriately in front of want to join evo so badthe boss, Rollins appears to yawn/stretch his mouth out in order to communicate that he wishes he were a part of Evolution, perhaps taking the spot of Batista, who on this occasion was replaced by a cardboard cutout.



8). Rollins is sick of the flashy entrances, while Ambrose, who puked the whole way over, searches for a place tthis shit againo blow chunks as he exits the helicopter. Who needs a chopper anyway? Why can’t they just stroll happily down the ramp like everybody else? Those stairs hurt, man. Team Pilates is enough, for real.




9). In a last ditch attempt to be heard by his team-mates, Rollins desperately what about me - Copyrambles at Ambrose, who is too busy kissing and congratulating Reigns to notice or care. Later he’ll present his words in the form of a poem, which Ambrose will hate even more.



10). At a “press conference”, held in what is otherwise known as a broom press conferencecloset, deep in the bowels of the backstage area, Rollins gives up trying to be heard at all and flips a can in frustration. The can, of course, symbolises his worth to the others.

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