Alberto Del Rio Released by WWE


August 8, 2014 by gorillapressonline


It has been confirmed this morning that former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has been released by the company for “unprofessional conduct”, following an altercation with another employee.

More on this story as it unfolds.

Update: The incident took place last Thursday, at a television taping in Texas, with Del Rio slapping a member of the staff. The reason for the altercation is unknown at this time, but Del Rio’s contract was immediately terminated with the obligatory “90 days no compete” clause in effect.

Update: It has been confirmed that the victim of the assault was WWE social media manager WWE’s social media manager Cody Barbierri, and that the altercation occurred following a racist joke.



Read the full statement from WWE here:

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4 thoughts on “Alberto Del Rio Released by WWE

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