Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio AAA Triplemania appearance


August 18, 2014 by gorillapressonline


During WWE‘s excellent Summerslam, troubling events were happening over at AAA as former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, now wrestling under the the name “EL Patron” appeared at the annual Triplemania event in Mexico City.

Upon entering the ring, Del Rio proceeded to cut a scathing promo about the racism over at the WWE which is sure to upset the apple cart and complicate proceedings further between the two.

To escalate events further as the event came to a close current WWE superstar, Mexican high flyer Rey Mysterio appeared on a video chat clip wearing a sombrero and citing that he too will soon be over at AAA.


Mysterio is seeking a way out of his contract and reportedly stopped cashing any WWE royalty and paycheques in an effort to break his current contract clause and seek legal action against the company.

2 thoughts on “Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio AAA Triplemania appearance

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