Vince Russo Blasts Raw On Blog


September 3, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Not content with (allegedly!) destroying TNA, WCW, and pretty much anything else with which he comes into contact, along with asking fans to pay to view “special” content on his website (we dread to think that that entails), the infamous Vince Russo has taken to his website Pyro And Ballyhoo to tell off Vince Mc Mahon, Stephanie Mc Mahon and Triple H for, apparently, broadcasting an episode of Monday Night Raw this week that was, to paraphrase Russo, a complete load of shit.

Back in the good ol’ days, he argues, when he was head writer, such a show would never have been broadcast and frankly Russo has had enough. He wants Raw to be great because he loves it and the fans love it and we all CARE and if he CAPITALISES it enough it will be CLEARER, right? Will Vince listen if it’s in CAPS, you guys?

We haven’t seen Raw yet, but if last week’s is anything to go by, it can’t seriously get any worse, can it?

On a related note, one of Russo’s main issues is how certain talents are being wasted. With that in mind, this wonderful piece from Ryan Dilbert over at Bleacher Report details just how to sell certain guys and it’s well worth a read.

Raw recap will be up tomorrow, as normal, so if you’re already pissed off about it, check out Russo’s open letter – who is he, Sinead O’Connor? – to the powers that be and decide for yourself whether he has a point.



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One thought on “Vince Russo Blasts Raw On Blog

  1. […] in the week, motormouth Vince Russo called this episode of Raw the worst in the history of the world, ever. After last week’s show, it didn’t seem like it could possibly get any worse and, to be […]

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