Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 4

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September 19, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Earlier this week, the wonderful, bizarrely charismatic Bray Wyatt stopped by Good Morning America to, among other things, flirt with obviously flustered host Tracy Wirtz and to make the day of total mark, and co-anchor, Steven Albritton, who nearly screamed when Wyatt hinted at a possible feud with fan favourite Sting.

What was most noteworthy about the interview – aside from Wyatt’s rockin’ beanie hat and Hawaiian shirt combo – was in how nice a light it presented the world of wrestling, and its fans, to normal folk. Although he looks like the tenth member of Slipknot, Wyatt is a softly spoken, very articulate man and his presence clearly put the strait-laced news anchors at ease.


Considering how bad a rep WWE has – often due to how misunderstood professional wrestling is as a sport, and indeed a form of entertainment – it’s nice to see an unconventional dude like Wyatt bringing it to the masses and showing that we may all be freaks here, but we’re nice freaks.

Among the nuggets of valuable information he shared, he insisted upon putting on record that he and his swamp brothers “ended The Shield”. Wyatt also promised not to disappoint that night at Raw, and he was true to his word – in spite of a too-short promo that robbed him of his genius – with a great match against Big Show. Hopefully this interview will put him back at the forefront of the WWE, where he deserves to be.

Watch Wyatt in all his glory right here.

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