WWE News Roundup: Austin, Reigns, Royal Rumble and Punk


October 8, 2014 by Joey Keogh



  • First Details On Royal Rumble Emerge
    At a recent Smackdown taping, it was announced that the 2015 Royal Rumble will be held on January 15th and that it will be a 40-man rumble. Biggest rumble ever? We can only dream of the messy scuffle that will ensue before Sheamo emerges victorious.


  • Possible Main Event At HIAC
    It was revealed on Raw that this year’s Hell In A Cell match will feature current golden boy Seth Rollins opposite either John Cena or Dean Ambrose. This will piss off certain fans who anticipated Rollins would definitely be taking on his old buddy but, considering Cena is still the biggest name on the current roster, it’s big news for Ambrose, and maybe Rollins too, and therefore worth getting into. Kind of.


  • Wrestlers Told Not To Bother CM Punk
    Since we can’t go an entire minute without discussing our dearly-departed straight edge saviour CM Punk, it’s worth noting that the man himself was spotted at his very first wrestling show since leaving the WWE this week. Punk attended the Ohio Valley Wrestling show last Saturday, in support of his friend Cliff Compton, who went on to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship that night. According to sources, Punk spoke only to Compton, Rip Rodgers and Trailer Park Trash. Everyone else backstage was told to leave him alone. Perhaps the same warning should be given to those people going through his trash?




  • Roman Reigns Via Satellite At Raw
    Although Roman Reigns was scheduled to make an appearance at Raw Brooklyn this week, he only appeared via satellite. Boo. The interview was actually pre-taped, hinting that maybe the powers that be were holding out hope he would be able to make it in spite of his injury, but knew deep down he likely wouldn’t.


  • Some People Like Brie Bella. Apparently.
    Reports suggest that Brie Bella is more over with house show crowds than she is on TV. Considering nobody gives a shit what she does on Raw/Smackdown/Total Divas, even one person with a sign, or someone shouting her name, would be enough to consider her more over. But she isn’t the one with the boobs, so it still seems highly unlikely.


  • Stone Cold Return To Gym, Not WWE
    Speculation has been rife this week that Stone Cold is scheduled for a massive comeback at Wrestlemania 31. This was thanks, in large part, to comments he jokingly made to Jim Ross, about “training for a comeback”. Ross subsequently took to his blog to elaborate on the matter, explaining that Austin would need at least four months of intense training if he were to return to the ring and that the “training for a comeback” reference was to Austin resuming training at Gold’s Gym in Venice. Ross hinted, though, that Austin may return for WM32 in Dallas, as the lure of one final match in his home state might be too much for him to resist.

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