Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 7


October 10, 2014 by Joey Keogh



This past weekend, Roman Reigns made an appearance at Ringside Fest, in NYC, ahead of on Raw in Brooklyn – in the end, he appeared via satellite on the show, in a hoodie, with pauses for applause (but Twitter suggests he was there in person too, and took many photos).

Sporting a fantastic bun, Reigns was interviewed at Ringside Fest by none other than Mrs. Foley’s baby boy’s baby girl, Noelle Foley, who has become a fixture at pretty much every wrestling show she can possibly attend.


Clearly marking out at the chance to interview Reigns, Foley was adorably flustered throughout, remarking that he and her dad “have the same genetics when it comes to good hair” and giggling when Reigns mentioned the effect he has on women.

In spite of her (understandable) nerves, Foley managed to keep her cool, with not one awkward silence, in spite of Reigns’ terribly distracting hairdo, which would turn even a seasoned pro off. For his part, Reigns was an exemplary interviewee, full of anecdotes and knowledge. When asked what he’s learned from his cousin The Rock, he replied: “take care of your hair, so you don’t have to shave your head”

Considering the crazy talented Renee Young is currently calling matches over on NXT, maybe there’s a future in commentating for Foley too? Her Da certainly seems to think so, posting on Facebook about how proud he was of her, and how well she did for a first try – watching the below video, though, it doesn’t even seem like she’s green at all.

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