WWE News Roundup: Bryan, Angle, Roberts And Rodriguez


October 15, 2014 by Joey Keogh



  • Daniel Bryan Return In Serious Doubt
    SEScoops is reporting that Daniel Bryan will not be returning at Royal Rumble, as originally planned, and may even be kept out until Wrestlemania due to necessary surgery on his arm. Bryan originally wanted to get the surgery done and over with back in August, so he could rehab and be back to work a bit quicker, but was told at the time that he didn’t need it. Questions are now being raised about whether Bryan will ever return to the ring, as his injury may be more debilitating than originally thought, but hopefully that’s not the case.


  • Kurt Angle Offered Full Time WWE Deal
    Rumours have been rampant that Kurt Angle was offered a full-time deal with WWE, apparently at Triple H‘s request. Although many commentators note WWE don’t want him back, and that Angle is more than likely going to remain with TNA for another year, the deal is being considered a way to get rid of him, as opposed to encouraging him to return. Certain commentators are speculating that Angle wouldn’t pass a physical, and that he’d never agree to go back on the road full time, so the offer may be WWE‘s way of killing him with kindness, so to speak.


  • Justin Roberts Argument Prior To Departure
    Sadly, long-time ring announcer Justin Roberts was let go by WWE this week, in a move that shocked fans. Roberts penned a piece just recently about how much he loves the world of wrestling, which makes his untimely departure even sadder. However, reports are now coming in that the split wasn’t entirely amicable as eagle-eyed fans noted Roberts arguing with Michael Cole during this week’s Raw, and even flipping him off at one point. Jim Ross took to his blog to express his disappointment at Roberts’ departure, noting he was always polite and professional. Roberts is due to appear on Chris Jericho‘s podcast this Friday. Hopefully he’ll dish the dirt.


  • Ricardo Rodriguez Not A Triple H Guy
    RF Video posted a preview of their upcoming interview with ex-WWE employee Ricardo Rodriguez, during which he discusses his time with the company, including how he felt that WWE were “fucking” with he and Alberto Del Rio, the difficult transition from Vince Mc Mahon‘s regime to Trips’ and how, if you’re not a Triple H guy, then you basically don’t matter. Rodriguez also makes a sly reference to Cena, but noted that the current face of the company liked both Rodriguez and ADR. The full interview will shed more light on Rodriguez’ position on his departure, but suffice to say he isn’t too happy with the company right now.

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