Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 8

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October 17, 2014 by Joey Keogh

4274 - randy_orton wwe

Personally, I think Randy Orton is very funny. He never wears pants, despite the occasion, he’s clearly annoyed at even having to stand for long periods of time let alone interact with other people and this week on Raw he slithered around like a snake.

Also, the pose. We can’t forget the pose.


Savour it. Orton has always been very active on social media, for better or worse – hell, he was tweeting about his victory over Dolph Ziggler immediately after their match on Monday – and, weirdly enough, it’s the main place where his sense of humour has properly come out.

Who can forget when he Instagrammed a pic from his holiday and the commentators inexplicably shared it on Raw?


But the man has outdone himself by sharing a succession of RKO Vines, on Twitter, into which some utter genius has inserted Orton administering his signature move just as some poor sod is about to eat it, a twist on the usual format that works mainly thanks to Orton’s constant smugness.

A highlight reel can be viewed below, but be prepared, you may never see Randy Orton in quite the same way again.

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