WWE News Roundup: Paige, Steph, Orton & Slam City

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October 22, 2014 by Joey Keogh



  • Paige Is A Total Diva
    The most depressing news of the week is that Paige, long our hope for an actual, female wrestler aside from AJ – on the main roster, no disrespect to the awesome ladies of NXT – has just joined the cast of Total Divas. By all accounts, this means her chances of being champ again are slim to none, and that she probably won’t be taken seriously, as a result of her inclusion in what is surely one of the least convincing stabs at “reality” television. However, considering the latest series of the show has been rubbish, she may make it somewhat exciting. Alicia Fox has also joined, but let’s face it nobody cares about her.


  • Steph Denies Total Divas Rule
    Separately this week, but in somewhat related news, Stephanie Mc Mahon was interviewed by Yahoo! Sports and, when asked whether it was true that Total Divas cast-members could never be champions, advised: “Absolutely not. I honestly don’t even know how that rumor got started.” When probed further, Steph revealed she thought that a Total Diva being champion would drive story-lines. Sure it would, because the main idea behind the show is making those chicks look like their matches actually mean something.




  • Randy Orton Turns Down Stupid Storylines
    According to the lads over on Wrestling Observer, if backstage whispers are to be believed, Randy Orton has the freedom to turn down story-lines he thinks are a bit shit by telling the writers in question to “ask Triple H”, a polite way of saying no. He tends to shoot them down because he reckons they don’t make sense for his character, which is fair enough, although it doesn’t explain why he never wears pants. If this is true, then surely others should follow suit. Or is Orton in a privileged position?


  • Slam City Picked Up By Nickelodeon
    The popular animated show Slam City has been picked up as part of Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons’ Nicksports (phew!) TV block and will begin airing episodes tonight. This is quite a coup for WWE, especially since Slam City is a relatively new venture, having just launched earlier this year. The show is hugely popular, racking up over 20 million views since its inception. But the partnership with Nickelodeon is sure to make it even more popular, further securing the WWE’s reach to kids.

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