Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 9

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October 24, 2014 by Joey Keogh


At the risk of repeating ourselves, this week’s Wrasslin’ Wahey must go, once again, to the one, the only Dean Ambrose who continues to prove how funny he is week after week on Raw, with a variety of completely mental bits that showcase both his insanity and his genius.

However, at the go-home show before Hell In A Cell, he truly outdid himself which, by Ambrose’s standards, is truly crazy.

It all started with a brilliant little comedy bit involving, er, John Cena, during which Ambrose was interrupted while doing research for their match by watching horror movies. They then had a wonderful little exchange about how they’re superheroes, with Cena as Superman (obvs) and Ambrose as Batman.

However Cena, as a fan of this site, couldn’t leave without informing Ambrose that no, he was more The Joker than The Bat. And Ambrose’s reaction said it all, proving once more just how much he can do with his face.

1 2 3 4If that wasn’t enough, Ambrose later emerged with a dummy dressed up like his old buddy Seth Rollins and proceeded to torture it with a variety of tools, before throwing it at the man himself.

It was bizarre and amazing and perfect, and nobody but Ambrose could’ve pulled it off.

dummy throwAmbrose is the undisputed king of Raw right now, closely followed by Damien Mizdow, whose genius seems to be playing out elsewhere – like on Main Event, for some reason? – but who has risen through the ranks to get funnier and funnier every week.

But still, no one is as nuts as Ambrose, nor does anyone deliver quite as many consistently hilarious “wahey!” moments.

Long may his reign of terror continue.


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