WWE News Roundup: AJ Lee, Brad Maddox, Roman Reigns & Hulk Hogan


November 17, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • AJ Lee Leaving WWE?
    Another week, another rumour about Mrs. CM Punk. The chick can’t catch a break, it doesn’t matter how many ladies she beats, or how ripped she gets, or how many times she holds the Divas championship, for some people she’s always on her way out, just like her supposedly no good husband. The latest gossip, from Bryan Alvarez over on Wrestling Observer, is that AJ is poised to leave the WWE if she loses to Nikki Bella at Survivor Series. Apparently, Jim Ross noted this on his blog also. Suffice to say nobody wants to see AJ lose to a Bella twin, but whether this signals her departure from the company is a different matter entirely.


  • CM Punk Will Talk “When He’s Ready”
    Speaking of Punk, he and AJ bantered back and forth on Twitter about how they’ve been married for six months. Aw. Punk appeared on The Talking Dead, following the latest episode of the hit TV show on AMC, last night alongside Yvette Nicole Brown, under his wrestling name as opposed to his civilian name, in spite of speculation to the contrary. His good buddy Colt Cabana spoke out about his departure for the first time recently, in an interview with the Miami Herald. When prompted by the reporter, he noted that Punk’s business was exactly that, and he will talk about when he wants to. Cabana also said that “things are going well” for the ex-Superstar right now, and that he really likes seeing him so happy.


  • R-Truth Becomes A Father
    For those who noticed R-Truth‘s recent absence from WWE shows – didn’t he just win against Adam Rose or someone else totally unremarkable? – Twitter has come to the rescue once again, to reassure us all that he is still employed and there is no need to freak out about his, er, absence. Truth posted on Saturday that he’s just become a father, welcoming a baby girl into the world alongside his partner. Supposedly that means the Rose/Bunny saga is only just beginning.




  • Roman Reigns Scheduled For Appearances Soon
    Current favourite to usurp John Cena, Roman Reigns, is due to make his triumphant return to WWE in late December, with scheduled appearances at shows throughout that month and in January also, notably at house shows on the 10th and 17th. It’s widely believed that Reigns is being positioned to take over from Cena as the face of the company, so no doubt WWE wants to get him back in action as soon as possible. Reigns is also reportedly taking acting classes to assist with his delivery, which will come in handy if he has to appear “via satellite” again.


  • Brad Maddox Still Employed, No Need To Panic
    After the release of The Great Khali, eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that another star had been moved to the Alumni section, the incomparably self-assured Brad Maddox. However, Wrestling News dismissed the rumours, noting that Maddox was moved there to coincide with his storyline about being fired by The Authority (remember that? no? anyone?) Maddox hasn’t been on TV in a while, but has appeared at various house shows so is definitely still employed by the company. However, with more cuts to come, that may not be the case for much longer (boo).


  • Hulk Hogan Thinks Every Other Wrestler Sucks
    Lately, Hogan has been like that annoying, drunk uncle who won’t leave the party even after everyone else has gone home. He’s been showing up on Raw more and more frequently, with his last appearance – shilling Susan G. Komen for what felt like hours of valuable airtime – being particularly cringe-inducing. Hogan may be a legend, but he’s also insufferably arrogant and, at times, shockingly ungrateful for his good fortune. In conversation with Comcast Sports’ Jim Kozimor, while promoting Wrestlemania, Hogan discussed, at length, his grumbles with the current roster, including Cena, whose gimmick he claims is infringement upon his own. He also revealed that Punk is out of the game for good and, when offered his name as a potential opponent down the line, responded with “oh please!” When given the option, Hogan would take on either Stone Cold or Sting in the ring. Go figure.

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