WWE News Roundup: The Shield, The Rock, CM Punk & Chris Jericho


November 19, 2014 by Joey Keogh



  • The Shield Story To Be Extended For DVD
    In a move that will delight Tumblr no end, the special on The Shield, which aired back in August, is to be extended into a full DVD/BR feature. Along with the previously-aired documentary on the infamous stable, matches and special highlights will be included, charting their growth from indie upstarts to one of the coolest and most well-loved modern factions.


  • Bad News Barrett For Survivor Series Pre-Show
    Everyone’s favourite grumpy Brit, who has been sorely missed over the past few months as he recovers from an injury, is scheduled to make his much-anticipated return to television at this Sunday’s Survivor Series pre-show. Barrett Tweeted that he has some news for us on Sunday “…and it won’t be good”.


  • The Rock Is Funny Now
    Last Monday, The Rock shocked the world by making a supposedly impromptu appearance at Improv Hollywood, to perform a stand-up routine. After wooing the crowd with his comedic stylings, Rocky noted on his Instagram page that he had them at “Hobbit porn” and to ask Vin Diesel. The less we know about that reference, the better.




  • Sheamo Injured, About To Turn Heel?
    It was noted earlier this week that the Celtic Warrior Sheamus suffered a stinger in his left arm during a match, leaving his appearance at this Sunday’s PPV in jeopardy. Michael Cole noted the injury on Main Event, and a statement followed on WWE.com advising that Sheamo wouldn’t be appearing at Survivor Series. However, rumours abound that the Irishman is set for a heel turn, so he may show up on Sunday after all, for more insidious purposes.


  • Eva Marie Gets Even Bigger Boobs
    Following the posting of some dubious photos on her social media accounts, many eagle-eyed fans are claiming that Eva Marie has undergone a breast enhancement, while out with an injury. Considering she has no wrestling, or indeed acting, talent to speak of, we can only assume she’s clutching at straws. Or maybe she wants to look even more like a blow-up doll.


  • Chris Jericho Returning Soon, Mad At Punk
    Appearing on Sam Roberts’ podcast, Chris Jericho revealed that his old buddy CM Punk hasn’t been in contact with him since he quit the company, and nor has he been in touch with other mutual friends within the wrestling community. This is something he’s touched on previously, on his own podcast, although Jericho concedes that he quit in 2005, cut everyone off, and then returned better than ever so there may be hope for Punk yet. Speaking of which, Jericho himself is scheduled to appear at a house show the night before the Royal Rumble, so take from that what you will.

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