NXT Recap: Episode 250, 20/11/14


November 26, 2014 by gorillapressonline


The milestone 250th episode of NXT aired this week on the WWE Network, after the exciting finale of the previous week’s Main Event match for the NXT championship left many questions to be answered by stars Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn.



Bayley -v- Becky Lynch
wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-manThe show opens with some Diva action from the hyper kinetic and super fun Bayley, complete with her warrior-style tassels and wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men that remind me of Family Guy every time they are on the screen. Tonight she’s up against Irish heel and all-round tough chick, Becky Lynch.

This match falls a little short in the use of WWE Divas tropes, but what differentiates these two from the majority of other ladies on the roster is the actual focus on wrestling, as both can (somewhat shockingly) actually wrestle – as can Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, bot of whom end up at ringside.

The remarkable thing about this Divas division, aside from the fact most of them can wrestle, is that they all actually have personalities and (heaven forbid) their own in-ring style, which sadly only a handful of the WWE Divas have.

After a quick back and forth, with Bayley missing a top rope assault, Becky Lynch heels it up and holds the tight for a quick three count.

Following the match, Charlotte warns Bayley to stay away from Becky and Sasha as, since she won’t be around the next show, she can expect the heels to attack her at some point later this week/next week to pile the heat on.

Becky Lynch wins the match.


Tag Team Match: The Vaudevillains -v- The Lucha Dragonsvv

Up next is a tag team to watch out for, The Vaudevillains (AKA Simon Gotch and Aiden English). Their strongman persona and strong-style ring work is brilliant, along with their vicious, schoolyard bully personalities, which make them a tag team to keep an eye on (expect WWE tag titles in the future, for sure).

Here, they face off against current NXT tag champs the Lucha Dragons. As the Lucha music hits Luchalumpas (thanks Renee! These are Mini Luchadors, for the uninitiated) come to the ring instead.

Gotch and English both do air plane spins on the little Luchadors, tagging each other in the process and show boating like crazy. A vicious neck-breaker from English ends the match quickly, sending a message to the Dragons in the process.

The VaudeVillans make quick work of the LuchaLumpas


Baron Corbin -v- Elias Sampsonbc

Baron Corbin has been making serious waves in NXT lately, decimating a significant number of opponents over the last few weeks, and is set again to prove his dominance as he makes quick work of Elias Sampson with the End of Days finisher in an impressive 22 seconds.

Bull Dempsey pushes past Corbin before he can even make it backstage and the two share a threatening glance – Dempsey definitely isn’t impressed with the Lone Wolf and you can expect them to clash heads in the near future.

Dempsey is another wrestler who is getting a hefty push on NXT.  His massive frame and no nonsense ring work will suit the WWE. He doesn’t make as quick of work on Steve Cutler, with a top rope head butt, not quite as swiftly as Corbin did which the fans remind him by chanting “Baron’s Better” much to his chagrin.

Dempsey overcomes jobber Cutler in swift fashion


Tyson Kidd -v- CJ Parkertyson

After last week’s embarrassment, at the hands of Balor and Itami, Tyson Kidd is out for some revenge and CJ Parker unfortunately falls victim to his anger.

Parker the Eco Warrior is on top form as he holds a recycling sign up to the NXT Universe and the dread-locked hippie and Kidd play off each other well, a smooth armbar tranisition in between the ropes works great and Kidd plays off the crowd quite well too, especially as they chant Total Divas at him. He suddenly becomes more aggressive in his attacks, utilising nice little touches which maybe have previously gone unnoticed when he was on the main roster.

Parker lets his emotions get the better of him in most of his matches, the soft peace loving hippie is antithesis to his 6’3” bulky frame, which he noticeably plays to his advantage.

A quick Dragon screw over the ropes and a brutal fisherman hook neckbreaker from Kidd is closely followed by a Sharpshooter for the win.

After the match Tyson addresses the crowd with a challenge to Finn Balor next week on the show because, as a Hart family member, they don’t wait for challenges, they set them.

Tyson Kidd continues to impress in his NXT tenure with another win here



Tag Team Match: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy -v- Scott Dawson & Dash Wilderenzo

More Tag action follows with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy going up against Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

Enzo and Big Cass, the Jersey duo, are completely over as the crowd chants along with Enzo as he does his in-ring announcing, they eat this team up at Full Sail with the whole crowd spelling out SAWFT! as big Cass riles them up.

Dawson and Dash work quickly, tagging in succession and working as a team well, but the pure energy and hype of Enzo and a big boot from the seven foot tall Cass end things quickly.

Celebrations are cut short by the arrival of The Ascension, as they dismantle all four wrestlers in the ring in anger at losing to Balor/Itami a few weeks previous.

Balor and Itami sure are making waves and painting targets on their backs for a lot of the NXT roster, which is great to see. Connor and Victor state they aren’t dead but Balor and Itami soon will be.


Up next, Sami Zayn is set to adress the NXT Universe about the compassion and betrayal from NXT champion Neville, proving once again Sami can’t win the ones that matter.

A quick VT shows the audience the events of the previous week’s Main Event, and Zayn works well on the microphone as he asks. Neville to join him in the ring – Neville is still selling the knee injury which he took advantage of in the match as he walks to the ring.

Zayn asks for one more chance at the title, proclaiming that if he doesn’t win it he will leave. Neville announces that he would give him a rematch anytime he wishes and he has nothing left to prove.

Zayn rises to the champion and the passion and anger fuelling Zayn gives fans a different side to this excellent wrestler.

NXT GM William Regal reassures Zayn he isn’t a failure and gives him one more title shot at the Takeover: R Evolution PPV on December 11th. Zayn responds that, if he doesn’t leave Takeover the NXT champion he will leave for good!

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