CM Punk Finally Breaks His Silence


November 27, 2014 by Joey Keogh


After months of speculation, CM Punk has finally decided to share his story, in a two-part series on his buddy Colt Cabana‘s hugely popular Art Of Wrestling podcast, the first instalment of which has just aired online (and you can listen to below).

Punk goes into huge detail about how badly he was treated by the WWE, choosing to work sick and injured until it finally became too much for him and Vince cried as he admitted he couldn’t go on. He also makes it clear that he was fired, he didn’t quit, and that it wasn’t an easy decision to make but he had to do it for his health and well-being.

The podcast is well worth a listen, especially considering Punk will be answering fans’ questions in the second part. His story is devastatingly sad, in parts, and it paints quite a harsh picture of the business but it’s inspiring to know that Punk is in a happier place now and can move on with his life.

Fans and haters alike, rejoice! We finally have our answers.


21 thoughts on “CM Punk Finally Breaks His Silence

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