Ryback & WWE Respond To Punk


November 28, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Following the revelations made by ex-WWE employee CM Punk, on his buddy Colt Cabana‘s podcast, Art Of Wrestling, yesterday, WWE have issued the following statement regarding their wellness policy for performers:

WWE takes the health and wellness of its talent very seriously and has a comprehensive Talent Wellness Program that is led by one of the most well-respected physicians in the country, Dr. Joseph Maroon

Many fans have chosen to take this as confirmation that Punk wasn’t bullshitting on Cabana’s podcast as, if there was no truth to his claims, the WWE wouldn’t have felt the need to respond to him.

Elsewhere, another subject of Punk’s ire, Ryback – whom he claims botches moves on purpose to hurt other wrestlers, among other things – took to his Twitter to call Punk out for being an insecure little princess, and for slandering his supposedly good name.

For the record if I quit for being fragile and insecure I would make up excuses too. Things didn’t go my way for a long time and I kept

Going day in and out. Slander is a powerful thing and to state complete made up nonsense for no reason shows his insecurities. I will

Continue to bust my ass study matches every chance I get, cut promos when driving and push myself for hours on end even when hurt. Thank you

In true Ryback fashion, he has since deleted the Tweets, but not before every smark in the general vicinity could take screenshots of them, to forever remind us who the real bitch is here.

His account now simply shows a lovely Thanksgiving message, with the following photo to accompany it. Ryback always was a master of subtlety…



5 thoughts on “Ryback & WWE Respond To Punk

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