Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 12


November 28, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Clearly posing for three different shots

Regardless of my own, personal feelings on the matter, the biggest “wahey!” of this week was undoubtedly Sting‘s debut at Survivor Series. Long rumoured to happen eventually, by DA INTERNET, it was confirmed pre-show by eagle-eyed commentators, who noted that the Ghost Of Christmas Past was indeed in the building, prepped and ready for action.

However, as the hour-long Main Event wound down, and Ziggler and Rollins continued to beat the absolute shit out of each other, fans’ hopes began to fade slightly as it seemed less likely that Sting would appear, and more that this would be just another case of The Authority cheating their way to a win. And then suddenly, the man himself showed up and all was right with the world once more.

The fact that Sting finally debuted at WWE this week is news enough, but his appearance sparked a series of hilariously on-the-nose memes and Photoshops that made it much more palatable for those of us who shrugged or rolled our eyes when he strolled out, looking as though he may drop dead at any second. We might not get it, but we can still enjoy it.

The great Chris Jericho had this to offer, on Twitter.




While our go-to gif guy Wrasslor Monkey noted that, much to our collective shock and horror, Sting was actually present at Monday Night Raw, and was simply hiding in the rafters the whole time.




Obviously, this is like the second (or rather, first) coming of Christ for certain fans but regardless of how you feel about his debut, Sting has caused quite a stir this week (although he wasn’t quite the biggest news story). And yes, the joke is an obvious, easy one to make, but it’s still funnier than all of those goddamn Batista memes.

If nothing else, Sting‘s debut proves that the WWE still has a few tricks up its collective sleeve. Or that it’s desperately clutching at straws.

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