WWE News Roundup: Punk, Punk, Punk & Even More Punk


December 1, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Considering the biggest news story of last week is fast becoming the biggest news story of this week, suffice to say it’s all about one man on Gorilla Press right now. And it ain’t Sting.

  • Ryback Still Talking About Punk
    Not content with sending, and then immediately deleting, some thinly-veiled retorts on his reliably hilarious Twitter page, THE BIG GUY promised his legions of followers that he will tell the truth about Punk eventually and, further to this, that he never approached him in the first place, as claimed. No word yet on when he’ll talk, but, let’s face it, Ryback using the phrase “in due time” tells us more about him than any interview ever could.


  • Colt Cabana Not Using Punk For Publicity
    After Mick Foley tweeted Cabana to congratulate him on landing the scoop on Punk, his loyal friend was quick to correct the hardcore legend, advising it wasn’t about competing with anyone, but he was merely giving his buddy a safe place to talk. Considering Foley is the nicest man in the world, he probably didn’t mean it how it sounded, but it’s good to know Cabana has Punk’s back no matter what and isn’t in it for his own gains (not that that was ever in doubt).


  • Colt Cabana Happily On WWE Shitlist
    Speaking of Colt, the man who got the scoop also noted on Twitter that he couldn’t care less whether WWE ever hires him again, or even mentions his name in passing, as evidently they never cared about him in the first place, tweeting:

WWE removed ALL Scotty Goldman content off the network!!!! Update: whoops, it was never on there


  •  Vince Isn’t As Mad As Trips, But Still Pretty Mad
    Although he still has his (very vocal) detractors, the general consensus was that Punk did the right thing by speaking out about his time in the WWE. However, everyone is wondering what the powers that be think of the whole thing. It’s been noted that, although hurt, Vince isn’t as mad as Triple H who is apparently fuming, according to a text message received by an employee of the company which was more than likely written in all CAPS. Apparently, The Not Authority always hated Punk, but until they come out and say as such, this is just conjecture. However, Jim Ross noted on Twitter that Vince would discuss Punk in depth during his live interview with Stone Cold following Raw tonight.


  • Punk’s Injury Treatment Story Corroborated Twice
    Those who cast doubt on Punk’s detailed complaints about the WWE‘s wellness policy for performers, and particular about being cleared to return to the ring pretty much immediately by infamous doctor Joseph Maroon, should take the opportunity to read Charlie Haas‘s story from 2010, which makes a similar case against such dubious practices. Haas suffered a neck injury in a match with Drew Mc Intyre, and was told over the phone that he could return to the ring in spite of a stinger Dr. Maroon hadn’t even seen. Bob Holly also made similar claims in his book, The Hardcore Truth.


  • Jericho Responds To Punk’s Criticisms
    Although he didn’t necessarily call Jericho out for being fake, Punk did name him in the course of explaining why he hadn’t bothered getting back in touch with certain wrestlers following his departure. According to Jericho, he never asked Punk to be on his podcast – where he intends to go into further detail about the situation later this week – rather, WWE did. And, when he contacted him subsequently, it was to see how he was, not to use him for his own gain. He still considers Punk a close friend and apparently wishes him the best, but we’ll have a better idea of where his head as at once his podcast airs.

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