WWE News Roundup: The Ascension, Stone Cold, Lesnar & Rollins


December 3, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • The Ascension Ready To Be Called Up?
    According to several news sources, this week, NXT favourites, and previous tag team champions, The Ascension are set to move up to the main roster sooner rather than later. Following a well-received match on Main Event, several vignettes were reportedly prepared for the guys, one of which was due to air this week on Raw. However, sources claim it was held back to be broadcast following the upcoming NXT PPV, NXT Takeover: R Evolution, which airs on December 11th.


  • Stone Cold On Hogan, Taker & Interviewing Vince
    Following his hugely popular, live podcast recording with Mr. Mc Mahon earlier this week, Rolling Stone have released an interview with Austin (conducted prior to the podcast), during which he discusses how difficult it was to get he and Vince sat in the same place for long enough to do an interview, but, considering what happened the previous week, that sometimes things just work out for the best. He also revealed he’d reached out to Taker, but hadn’t heard from him since the streak was broken at WM. As for Hogan, Austin noted he’s been mouthing off about him being a coward lately, “trying to get a match out of me” but that they haven’t been in touch.


  • Lesnar Not Scheduled For Raw Next Week
    Although he was originally being advertised to appear on next week’s Raw, it’s been confirmed that Brock Lesnar won’t be gracing us with his presence the following week. Not wanting to waste one of his appearances on the goddamn Slammy awards show, the powers that be instead chose to give us a little bit of Heyman on this week’s Raw, to tide us over until Lesnar finally shows up. This didn’t stop fans from tweeting Heyman, to air their grievances about why his client wasn’t defending the championship.


  • Batista As New Bond Villain?
    Rumours have been circulating that, following his scene-stealing performance in worldwide hit Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batista (or “Dave Bautista” as he likes to be billed in movies) may be in line to face up against none other than James Bond in his next big screen adventure. Considering Dave supposedly wept upon learning he’d landed the role of Drax, we can only speculate as to how he will react if he earns a spot opposite the great Daniel Craig.


  • Host For Slammy Awards Revealed
    This year’s host for the reliably snore-inducing Slammy awards show has been announced as long-time wrestling fan Seth Green, who has previously hosted Raw. Considering last year’s event was hosted by Booker T and Jerry Lawler, Green may seem like an odd choice but the WWE loves celebrity guests and he is at least more relevant than Larry The Fucking Cable Guy.


  • Noelle Foley Debuts On Raw
    Mrs. Foley’s baby boy’s baby girl debuted alongside her father, during a promo for the WWE shop, on this week’s Raw. According to reports, Foley is training to wrestle and may soon even debut as a Diva. Considering she’s already interviewed Roman Reigns, is a ringside regular, and has a massive social media following, she could fit in quite nicely on the current roster.


  • Rollins, Swagger Motivated By Vince’s Comments
    Following Mc Mahon’s less-than-complimentary take on the current roster not being as ambitious as that of the Attitude Era, on Austin’s podcast, Seth Rollins took to Twitter to advise, in no uncertain terms, that he’s only grown hungrier. Jack Swagger echoed his sentiments in an interview, during which he pointed out that there are less than a hundred guys on top, out of thousands of wannabes, and that, although he can’t speak for everyone, he certainly didn’t slack off to get there. Vince admitted to Austin that he may be slightly out of touch, and given how pissed off these two seem to be, that may indeed be the case.

4 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: The Ascension, Stone Cold, Lesnar & Rollins

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