Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 13

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December 5, 2014 by Joey Keogh


It was another weird week on Raw, with too much Goofy Cena and the dreaded Anon GM stealing most of the spotlight. In fact, only the great Paul Heyman‘s promo stood out as worthy of further examination (sad, considering the focus of it wasn’t even present) and it came right at the end.

Vince’s interview with Stone Cold, immediately following the show, asked more questions than it answered and Naomi got more of a push than Ziggler – who later took to Twitter to bemoan his boss’s claims that the current roster aren’t as ambitious as that of the infamous Attitude Era.


However, the reliably awesome Dean Ambrose managed to deliver the laughs yet again, in spite of not even being part of a match. His feud with Bray Wyatt, although rushed and utterly mishandled thus far, at the very least allows for key moments such as these, which somehow manage to elevate Raw from pure garbage to slightly more enjoyable, in spite of their ludicrousness.

What’s most hilarious about his smashing of Wyatt’s beloved rocking chair – aside from his “Here’s Johnny!” moment, captured above in all its glory – is Wyatt’s brilliantly-played reaction to it. Collapsing onto the floor, tears running into his beard, a look of abject horror on his face, he was a broken man and, for the first time ever, cracks started to show in his character.

bray chair

Of course, Wyatt can never look weak, as it’d ruin everything he’s worked so carefully to build, but allowing him to show emotion will ultimately ensure a greater impact when he beats Ambrose at TLC which, presumably, he will.

The lunatic fringe, and AC/DC superfan, has struggled to find someone to bounce off with for a while, ever since his feud with ex-comrade Seth Rollins was put to bed, but he’s met his match in Wyatt and their chemistry is absolutely electric.

From throwing hot dogs, to squeezing balls with tongs, Ambrose has been killing it, but this was a very special, very funny moment indeed. Horror references suit both men well, too, so hopefully this is just another in a long line of many nods.

After all, if there are two worlds that blend together effortlessly, they’re those of horror and wrestling.

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