Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 14


December 12, 2014 by Joey Keogh

fbHis signing was one of the most high-profile of the year, his debut, arguably, the most-anticipated and last night Prince Devitt, AKA Finn Balor, made his first PPV appearance at NXT Takeover R Evolution, and safe to say he did not disappoint.

There were rumours throughout the week that Balor had something special in mind for R Evolution, and naturally fans were quick to guess he’d probably be indulging us in some of his infamous make-up tricks, which gained massive popularity during his stint with NJPW.

However, Balor didn’t just bring out the beauty products (although it looked absolutely ridiculous, of course). During a methodical, theatrical and awe-inspiring entrance, he crawled around on the floor like an animal, vamped with the crowd and slowly made his way towards the ring with a hunger in his eyes that simply cannot be taught.

Much has been made of Balor’s theatricality, and stage demeanour, with certain commentators speculating it doesn’t quite fit in with the general aesthetic of NXT. However, last night’s entrance was undeniably cool, and considering the success of The Vaudevillains and their old-timey vignettes, in particular, Balor’s style might actually be rubbing off on the powers that be, too, as well as exciting the fans.

Check out the full entrance, in all its glory, below.

Runner-up for “wahey!” moment of the week goes to a certain, very clever, Tumblr user, who made an entrance involving The Rock and John Cena in 2K15 that’s better than the game itself, judging by the initial reviews.

Check it out right here and just try not to watch it over and over and over.

One thought on “Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 14

  1. […] was a huge talking point in its own right, fans were salivating, in particular, over new recruit Finn Balor‘s awesome face-paint, made famous during his time with NJPW. Balor killed it in his tag match with Hideo Itami, opposite […]

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