WWE News Roundup: Vince Mc Mahon, Roman Reigns, Alex Riley & Triple H

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December 13, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Superstars Pissed Over Vince’s “Brass Ring” Comments
    As noted previously, certain WWE talents were openly annoyed about Vince Mc Mahon‘s comments to Steve Austin regarding the lack of ambition on the current roster. Certain wrestlers even took to Twitter to air their grievances. Now it’s come out that, allegedly, the feeling backstage is that Mc Mahon was totally out of line because he’s out of touch and, because he controls how they are portrayed, there’s only so much they can do to get over, as it were. Further to this, the chairman of the board is apparently reluctant to take responsibility when things go wrong and is slowly morphing into the eighties-style bosses he so loathed back in the day.


  • Roman Reigns Convinced He’s Next In Line For Belt
    After a long absence, Roman Reigns made his much-anticipated return at, of all things, the bloody Slammy awards show last Monday, real and in person and everything. Accepting the gong for Superstar of the year, Reigns told the crowd to believe in him (ominous, as usual). Then, last night at the NXT PPV, in an interview with Renee Young, he elaborated further by confirming he has his eye on the prize and intends to win the WHC. There’s been talk of Cena finally retiring and Reigns taking over as the Superman of the company, so this could be the start of that process.


  • Alex Riley Still Talking, Loves Bray Wyatt
    Following the, er, success of the #FreeRiley hashtag earlier in the week, Alex Riley spoke to CBS Radio Washington DC about how much he’s dying to get back in the ring, how he wakes up and goes right to the gym (like a normal, in shape person?) and how, above all else, he just really, really, really loves Bray Wyatt. Riley discussed how Wyatt had been downgraded, and then returned even stronger as a result. For that reason, he really respects him and wants to be friends but sadly Wyatt won’t return his calls as he only recognises him as “the dude on the pre-show panel who really shouldn’t be there”.


  • Triple H Answers Fan Questions On Twitter
    Prior to the broadcast of last night’s PPV, the man in charge, Triple H, took to Twitter to answer fans’ burning questions, share selfies and wax lyrical about the business in general, and NXT in particular. Considering it was a Twitter chat, Trips managed to be quite concise and insightful with his responses, revealing that the Universe lets him know when a talent is ready to move up to the main roster, and that a match against Sting would be “epic”. To his credit, he also gave one-word reviews of each PPV match, as he live-Tweeted the show. Considering Vince couldn’t care less who’s doing what, it’s nice that Trips is taking a vested interest in his product.

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