Mark’s TLC 2014 Predictions

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December 14, 2014 by gorillapressonline


After the awesome NXT Takeover PPV (more on that later), the finale to the 2014 PPV schedule looks, well, pretty drab.No doubt TLC has offered some exciting moments in the past, and with the distinct lack of hype, maybe with perceptions set so low the PPV will deliver. Here are my picks for tonight:

The New Day Vs Goldust and Stardust
The New Day haven’t really made any impact thus far, so maybe this could be the start of a push for them, at the expense of one of the better tag teams in the currently quite lacklustre division of the WWE. Goldy and Starry work really well together and Cody has completely thrown himself into this persona, and it’s a treat to witness yet I feel as if these are going to be jobber fodder for a team who aren’t even yet over.

The New Day to win

Ryback Vs Kane Chairs Match
The first of the stipulation matches features the monster Kane against Ryback, who will undoubtedly act stiff and destroy Kane with some brutal chair shots, other than the destruction there’s no other reason to be excited at all.

Kane to win

Tag Team Championship The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos
Damien Mizdow has taken this gimmick and made it gold, even making- heaven forbid- The Miz tolerable in the process!

The past few weeks on television have hinted at the split of quite possibly the best thing in this tag division (at least until The Ascension step up to the plate) and hopefully this is a great chance to have them defeat the Uso brothers again and leave the team together as long as possible.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow to retain

Erick Rowan Vs Big Show Stairs Match
The newest addition to the TLC PPV, the elusive S, is settled here with two giants attacking each other with steel steps – especially considering yet another heel turn for the super-boring Big Show and the disassociation of The Wyatt Family with its subsequent Rowan/Harper rivalry which has been, sadly, overlooked in the PPV.

The only logical approach would to be have Rowan go over and leave fans salivating at the impending feud between the two family members later down the line.

A quick and aggressive match between the two would be the best thing for this match and could potentially leave Rowan as a legitimate big man threat.

Erick Rowan to win

Nikki Bella Vs Aj Lee Divas Championship match
The rumours of AJ leaving the WWE are still flourishing and Nikki Bella is getting a little bit of a push in the Divas division lately, so this could see Nikki retain the championship against the deserving AJ.

With Charlotte propped to move up to the main roster and limited, talented Divas to challenge the title – Paige is the only other legitimate threat – as even Nattie is being relegated to Total Divas instead of competing for the title.

I wouldn’t expect this to not have the involvement of Brie Bella in some shape or form either impending or aiding Nikki for the win.

Nikki Bella to win


Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper
Dolph Ziggler brings it. Every goddamn PPV, good ol’ Ziggles is there working his ass off with little or no thanks in the process. He is a talented, dedicated wrestler and fully intends to try and steal the show here at TLC – and he probably will.

Harper is a talented wrestler too, and the pairing with Ziggler could flourish into an exciting and interesting feud in the future. Hopefully this match delivers and is given time to breathe against the ladder stipulation.

Expect some crazy spots and reckless bumps from Dolph as he sets his sights on that elusive Brass Ring.

Dolph Ziggler to win

Russev vs Jack Swagger US Title Match
Filler match written all over this one, Lana has supposedly leaked an image of the new European Championship belt (then quickly removed it) so this could be the end of Rusev‘s US title reign, only for him to proclaim himself the new European champion, keeping the heat on the Russian in the process.

Jack Swagger has been stale as of late and maybe this title win could push some new live into the all-American hero.

Jack Swagger to win the US title

Tables Match: John Cena Vs Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins has been one the highlights of the year and is really coming into his own in the WWE, alongside former Shield member Dean Ambrose they have both consistently delivered good matches, and are obviously passionate too, helping a roster which has been well, lacking.

Good ol’ John Cena has also settled nicely into a new role that is a lot less heavy on the Superman factor and he is much better for it, still over with the kiddies and a merch machine for Vinnie Mac, Cena will help guys like Rollins and Ambrose no end in the near future.

Expect the corporate stooges to help Rollins overcome Cena and, although it won’t be a clean win for Rollins, its still a W on the sheets.

Seth Rollins to win

TLC Match: Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt
This match will undoubtedly be the highlight of the evening. The build-up has been a little scattered, although this is still the most structured and entertaining of the feuds, and both Wyatt and Ambrose are passionate willing to spend the time to build an aura around their in-ring personas.

The fact that both men are relentless in the viciousness of the feud has added the most interesting element to the PPV, so we can expect this to be a brutal, hard-hitting match with both men bloody, bruised and battered come the end of it, and the fans thoroughly excited with either outcome.

A loss wouldn’t hurt either competitor and this could be an extension of the feud if not necessarily the conclusion. That being said, Bray Wyatt will bring it all to the table tonight and upturn the unstable Dean Ambrose in what could be the talking point of the PPV.

Bray Wyatt to win (but the fans win really)

Catch TLC tonight on the WWE Network at 8PM ET/5PM PT

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