WWE News Roundup: CM Punk, Charlotte, Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt


December 14, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Punk’s First UFC Opponent Revealed?
    Earlier in the week, Irishman Cathal Pendred Tweeted that he’d “won the lottery”, having supposedly been given the opportunity to be new recruit CM Punk‘s first opponent in UFC. Pendred is 27 years old, hails from Dublin, Ireland and currently holds a 15-2 record (six KO/TKO victories, one submission, eight decisions). Also this week, Punk did an interview with Rolling Stone, in which he goes into more detail about his decision-making process and the WWE‘s communication problems. Check it out right here.


  • Reasons Behind Charlotte’s Shitty Raw Debut
    Current NXT star Charlotte debuted on Raw this week, and swiftly lost to Nattie in about a minute, leaving fans of both shows understandably annoyed. It’s now been revealed that the match was cut short to allow for more Slammy award presentations. Apparently, Nattie herself actually wanted to lose it, because she felt it would be the right thing to do, but Trips defended the last-minute decision by claiming nobody will care in a few months when Charlotte is called up and we’re all going nuts for her. Take from that attitude what you will.


  • Orton And Lesnar Due To Return Soon
    Although he was originally due to show up at Survivor Series, in his hometown, Randy Orton‘s only returning to action over the next couple of weeks, after being delayed so Sting could make more of an impact. Apparently, Orton is going to be a face this time around (like anyone can tell the difference), with many speculating he could appear on Sunday, to interfere in the Rollins/Cena Main Event. Elsewhere, Brock Lesnar is due to finally show his face on next week’s Raw, even though his manager, Paul Heyman, showed up this week and didn’t mention it.


  • Taker V Wyatt For Wrestlemania 31?
    Considering The Undertaker‘s face is emblazoned on certain promotional materials for next year’s Wrestlemania event, it seems pretty much guaranteed he’s going to show up and bring the house down once more. However, although it seemed at first that he’d be up against an old timer, such as Trips or even Sting, rumours are now circulating that none other than Bray Wyatt is being considered for a match with Taker. It goes without saying that such a booking would be incredible for both men, but it remains to be seen whether The Deadman will even be cleared to wrestle at the event. Either way, he’ll be there to cause a ruckus as per usual (though probably not as much as last year).

One thought on “WWE News Roundup: CM Punk, Charlotte, Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt

  1. […] looking like one of those old dudes who fish for gators in the bowels of the Florida wasteland. As reported previously, Taker may be being lined up to face Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, which would make his victory at TLC […]

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