WWE News Roundup: The Shield, Finn Balor, NXT & The Undertaker

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December 16, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • The Shield Breakup A Shock To The Shield
    The incomparable Dean Ambrose is the guest on the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, with Chris Jericho, and as expected he’s an absolute delight. The whole show is worth a listen, of course, for fans of Ambrose or otherwise (he must have haters, right?) but the main talking point thus far has come from his revelation that The Shield were told they were due to break up on the day of taping, and had no prior warning that their stable’s time was up. This makes sense, considering Reigns and Ambrose did such a good job of being shocked at their brother’s betrayal at the time.


  • Finn Balor’s Make-up For PPVs Only
    Although last week’s NXT PPV, [R]Evolution, was a huge talking point in its own right, fans were salivating, in particular, over new recruit Finn Balor‘s awesome face-paint, made famous during his time with NJPW. Balor killed it in his tag match with Hideo Itami, opposite The Ascension, but all eyes were on the paint. It has since been revealed that he’ll only be pulling out all the stops for PPVs, and will remain normal-skinned for the regular shows. At least this way we know it’ll be special.


neville & zayn

  • Main Roster Pissed Over [R]Evolution
    Rumours are rife that certain members of the WWE main roster are pissed off over how good [R]Evolution was, arguing that the stars of NXT are getting better matches, better story-lines and that the general creative direction is stronger. WWE is presided over by Vince Mc Mahon, with about thirty different writers working at any one time, while NXT is run by Triple H, with the creative side of things handled by Bryan Ward and, on occasion, Dusty Rhodes. It may simply be a case of too many cooks, or perhaps Vince really is just that out of touch. On a similar note, Reddit fans sent Trips a fruit basket to thank him for the excellent PPV, which he Tweeted about, acknowledging it was really the writing talent they should be thanking.


  • The Undertaker Rises From The Dead Again
    A new image of Taker popped up online this week, of him at the airport looking like one of those old dudes who fish for gators in the bowels of the Florida wasteland. As reported previously, Taker may be being lined up to face Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, which would make his victory at TLC even more interesting as it could be his first step towards this incredibly high profile pairing. Dave Meltzer is perpetuating this rumour on his radio show, also noting that Wyatt needed the win against Ambrose because he’s lost so many times this year.

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