WWE News Roundup: Adrian Neville, Rikishi, Bad News Barrett & TLC


December 17, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Adrian Neville Moving Up With New Gimmick?
    On foot of his defeat at the hands of ex-BFF Sami Zayn on Thursday night, rumours have been circulating that Adrian Neville is being prepped to move up to the main roster sooner rather than later. However, in spite of his considerable popularity on NXT thus far, it’s thought that Neville will need a change of gimmick to put him over with main show fans. If this is the case, then it’s yet more proof that nobody has any idea what they’re doing anymore, and the fans are right to hope their favourites stay on NXT, where they’ll be protected and allowed the freedom to flourish.


  • Ambrose & Harper Mostly Lost This Year
    Wrestling News
    have pointed out an interesting statistic about two of the most over guys on the main roster, Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper, both of whom suffered the dissolve of their stables earlier in the year. WN note that Ambrose has not won any singles matches in 2014, and that Harper, who lost at TLC to Ziggler after holding the IC belt for about a minute, has also lost most of his matches, both on TV and otherwise. It may simply be a coincidence, but it’s interesting to note that the powers that be didn’t think either of these two, very talented performers needed a win in the aftermath of losing both of their hugely popular stables.


  • Rikishi Issues Challenge To Kim Kardashian
    Legendary WWE Superstar Rikishi has issued a challenge to Kim Kardashian, via TMZ of all places. Apparently, Rikishi is offended by all of the press that Kardashian’s sizable posterior has been getting, telling her “you ain’t got nothin’ on my huge ass” and has challenged her to a “booty contest” so they can settle whose ass is biggest once and for all. Is this a better or worse idea than Mickey Rourke having a real life boxing contest earlier in the year?


  • Bad News Barrett Return Imminent
    Sadly missed British wrestler Wade Barrett, AKA Bad News Barrett, posted an image on his Instagram account earlier this week, advising he was lacing up his boots for the first time in six months. Barrett was preparing to take to the ring in the WWE Performance Center, suggesting he is getting ready to return to TV. Barrett has been sorely missed, his brand of well-told bad news a nice little comedic addition to Monday Night Raw that was very well-received when he suddenly re-appeared at the Survivor Series pre-show last month.


  • Actual Injury Updates From TLC
    Following Sunday night’s PPV, WWE posted the usual SHOCKING injury updates on several of its most high profile stars, including AJ Lee, who apparently got conjunctivitis after being sprayed with hairspray by Nikki Bella, and various others who were apparently near death. However, word has also come out about some less fictional injuries, suffered during combat, including Ziggler and Harper, who both got stitches for cuts as a result of hits to the face with ladders. Harper also reportedly had to get five staples in his head. Big Show is pretty busted up, too, having hurt his hip during his match with Rowan. And they say wrestling isn’t real.

One thought on “WWE News Roundup: Adrian Neville, Rikishi, Bad News Barrett & TLC

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