Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 15


December 19, 2014 by Joey Keogh


There was no Dean Ambrose on Raw this week, so naturally we’ve had to look elsewhere for our “wahey!” moment. As you may or may not be aware, depending on which planet you currently live, the biggest entertainment news story of the week, month – hell, arguably the year – is the Sony hack, which saw a shit tonne of sensitive info being leaked to the world, leaving us in no doubt what a fucked up place Hollywood often is.

The hack has led to the cancellation, or at least delayed release, of the Seth Rogen/James Franco black comedy The Interview, which sees those two idiots sent to North Korea to kill a certain dictator. Footage of his death scene (spoiler?) has already made its way online and it’s gory, sure, but not amazing. Regardless of how you look at it, suffice to say that this leak has made everyone want to watch The Interview more – especially those of us who didn’t care in the first place.

In juxtaposition, the biggest news story of our year was Punk’s already-infamous tell-all interview with Colt Cabana, an event from which we’re still feeling the shock-waves. Apparently, the current roster is pissed and, if you believe the dirt-sheets, Corey Graves’ farewell speech at NXT Takeover [R]Evolution, in which he thanked the world class WWE doctors, was yet another swipe from a company still furious at Punk’s supposed indiscretion.

Now, thanks to Cliff Compton, we have a rather brilliant combination of the two biggest news stories of the year – theirs and ours, together as one like nuts and gum. Bask in its glory, as it is totally the “wahey!” moment of the week. Although this was also good, courtesy of Wrestling Memes whose Facebook page is a must-Like if you haven’t already.


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