WWE News Roundup: Total Divas, Teddy Hart, Corey Graves & CM Punk

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December 19, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Reason Why Naomi Axed From Total Divas
    Fans of the super-popular WWE “reality” show Total Divas were left reeling this week, following revelations two of its most well-loved stars, Naomi and her hubbie Jimmy Uso, had been axed following their televised wedding in the previous series. It’s since been revealed that they will no longer feature on the show because they’re boring compared to the other couples, such as Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, who, in this universe, are considered better actors and more likeable figures, along with the insufferable Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Summer Rae has also been axed from the show because, I guess, she was too crazy even for this shit. Check out the latest trailer, for the new series, right here.


  • Teddy Hart & CM Punk In Real Life Fight
    Following his much-publicised signing to UFC, rumours are swirling that CM Punk is about to get his ass royally kicked when he steps into The Octagon, due to being unprepared. It now seems that may not be the case, as a story has emerged regarding a real fight that went down between the straight edge superstar and Teddy Hart, in Nashville in 2004. Punk was working some TNA shows at the time and the two had been trading barbs online, leading fans to originally think it was an angle. Apparently, the story goes, Hart got the upper hand after Punk tripped and fell on his butt. Teddy is earning a reputation for this kind of thing after sizing up to Kurt Angle previously.


  • Corey Graves Retirement A Swipe At Punk?
    Speaking of Punk, certain commentators have noted that Corey Graves‘ recent retirement speech, and announcement of his move to a commentating role, on NXT Takeover [R]Evolution, may have been a swipe at his now-infamous interview with Colt Cabana. During Graves’ speech, he noted how WWE‘s “world class doctors” had taken great care of him, and, most importantly, advised him to retire from the ring. Whether you believe any of this is up to you, of course, but thus far there have been way more bad reports of WWE‘s supposed wellness policy than good.

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