WWE News Roundup: Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins & Dolph Ziggler

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December 20, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Orton’s Return (Still) Imminent
    Although speculation was rife that Randy Orton would make his long-delayed return to TV at TLC, it’s since been confirmed that he’s still shooting The Condemned 2, and was in New Mexico on location, at the time of taping the PPV. Orton is scheduled to appear at house shows from the end of this month onwards, with a view to him feuding with Kane as opposed to Rollins, who he was originally going to be fighting with, as he is now set to face up against Cena. Again. Exciting prospects all round, then…


  • Rollins Shows Support For Punk On Podcast
    In an interview with the This Is Awesome wrestling show, Seth Rollins opened up about his feelings on Punk’s departure, and subsequent signing with UFC, diplomatically suggesting the whole situation could’ve been handled better by both parties and that, when the dust settles, maybe it all won’t seem so bad. Rollins also said that he wishes Punk all the best with the company, but that he would welcome him back if he did return, stating he’s not one to hold grudges, but that the other wrestlers might have a problem with it.


  • Lesnar’s Merch Replaced With Sheamo’s
    According to Dave Meltzer, instead of putting in another order of Brock Lesnar‘s merchandise, Sheamus‘s has been ordered instead, leading some to believe Lesnar won’t be around much longer. This is standard practice, and usually based on supply and demand, but Lesnar’s actually contract runs out the day after Wrestlemania and the merch order apparently wouldn’t be available until April, anyway, so WWE may simply be erring on the side of caution. Or maybe Sheamo’s shit just sells really well.


  • Jim Ross On Ziggler, Mc Mahon’s Hatred Of Pro-Wrestling
    The great Jim Ross did an interview with Busted Open Radio earlier this week, during which he explained that Vince Mc Mahon hates the terms pro-wrestling and even just plain old wrestling, and is aiming to separate his product as much as possible (what’s it supposed to be then?). He also commented on Ziggler’s appeal as a top card player, stating he was still young and healthy enough to make an impact but that he needs to be consistently pushed creatively in order to do so. It seems like an obvious suggestion, but considering Ziggler’s last two matches on Raw were nonsensical and meaningless, maybe more people need to say it. Speaking of Ziggler, though, he was named Rolling Stone’s wrestler of the year, so good for him – will it mean more or less to him than his Slammy, I wonder?

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