WWE News Roundup: Raw Reunion, CM Punk, TNA & Alberto Del Rio


December 21, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Raw Reunion Show Loaded With Legends
    In an effort to boost ratings for the first PPV of 2015, Royal Rumble, WWE are planning a special Raw go-home show entitled Raw Reunion, for which several, big names are already scheduled to appear including Hogan (who we only saw five minutes ago), Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and HBK. Lesnar was originally supposed to appear also, according to certain sites, but is no longer advertised for the show. There’s also going to be a 30-man lumberjack match with Rollins and Cena because apparently that’s a thing people want to see.


  • Punk Gives Frosty Interview On Canadian TV
    Still on the promotional trail for his move to UFC, CM Punk appeared on TSN Canada for Michael Landsberg’s popular show “Off The Record”. However, allegedly after a video package was played suggesting he should fight Justin Bieber, and generally mocking his chances with the company, along with being pressed to discuss his reasons for leaving WWE yet again – not to mention wife’s status with the company – Punk turned noticeably frosty on the interviewer. It makes sense that he’d get a bit pissed off, as Punk was there to promote UFC and is probably sick of talking about WWE, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like this story is going to die any time soon so perhaps he should get used to it or else refuse to do any press whatsoever. Check out the interview in its entirety here.


  • TNA Stakes A Major Claim For ADR
    TNA have apparently made a big bucks deal to try and coax Alberto Del Rio (AKA Alberto El Patron) over to the dark side. The figure being quoted is in the region of half a million Dollars, which is nuts considering TNA‘s future isn’t exactly clear right now, and it’s unlikely they’ll even be doing many PPVs next year, let alone house shows. ADR is in huge demand right now, with the El Rey network, Lucha Underground and even MMA all vying for the opportunity to sign him. The majority of pundits reckon he’ll most likely go to El Rey, but even so this is a major deal for the man WWE practically threw away just a few months ago.

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