Jason Iannone’s Awesome Pro-Wrestling Takedown


December 22, 2014 by Joey Keogh


There’s less and less quality wrestling journalism around these days, mostly because there isn’t much to say aside from everything sucks and we’re all doomed. The majority of opinion-based articles are based around the idea of Roman Reigns needing a better acting coach, or whatever, which is understandable considering we’ve all pretty much accepted our fate. WWE is still the biggest pro-wrestling company in the world, which basically means they can do whatever the hell they want, no matter how crazy or nonsensical, and we just have to take it.

Cracked writer, lifelong wrestling fanatic and all-round cool dude Jason Iannone recently posted a brilliant op-ed citing the many reasons why pro-wrestling has been going down the toilet lately. And, more importantly, how to fix it. In a hugely amusing, very grounded, piece Iannone argues, among other things, that nowadays wrestlers aren’t given enough – if any – control over their own characters, have shitty dialogue written for them that they then find impossible to spout convincingly, are buried if they get over without being expressly set up to do so, and fight for belts that are rendered meaningless by writers who don’t understand, or care, about their reasons for existing.

Worst of all, of course, Iannone argues that because Vince is in charge, it’s more likely the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

the sooner he [Mc Mahon] realizes this, hires writers who know what they’re doing, and lets them do their job while leaving his wackadoo melon out of it, the sooner wrestling can get back to reeking of awesomeness

It’s a damning, very funny indictment of this already bizarre sport, but at the same time it’s one borne of love for, and a deep understanding of, pro-wrestling and its millions of fans that is well worth reading in full.

Check it out on Cracked right here and see if you agree.

One thought on “Jason Iannone’s Awesome Pro-Wrestling Takedown

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