WWE News Roundup: Adrian Neville, Mick Foley & CM Punk (Again)


December 24, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Rumoured New Gimmick For Neville
    As noted previously, the higher ups in WWE allegedly aren’t too happy with Adrian Neville‘s current gimmick and intend to give him a bit of a revamp when he moves up to the main roster. Neville is scheduled to appear at the MSG show this week, and rumours are now circulating that the company intend to give him a Daniel Bryan-esque gimmick about being an underdog of sorts, kind of a small guy who’s super strong in spite of his own size. Neville is great the way he is, but a new gimmick might not be the worst idea to enamour him to a new set of fans, especially if it’s handled correctly (which is doubtful).


  • Mick Foley Supports Punk’s Move To UFC
    In a Facebook post, Mick Foley commented on Punk’s much-publicised move to UFC, stating “I applaud it”. Although he acknowledged it probably won’t be a smooth transition for him, Foley said it’s better than Punk sitting on his sofa wondering what if for the rest of his life. Saint Mick also noted, with great confidence, that, even though Punk may face some resentment from the current roster, “I do know that no one will out-train him or out-work him” and that is something to admire, regardless of his reputation or professional background.


  • Ed O’Neill Challenges Punk On Twitter
    Speaking of Punk, Modern Family/Married With Children star Ed O’Neill has been jokingly challenging him to his first UFC fight via his Twitter page. Although O’Neill is most well-known for being a hilariously grumpy curmudgeon on TV, he is also a black belt and trained under Rorion Gracie for twenty years. Of course, it’s highly unlikely he’ll step into the Octagon opposite Punk, but his isn’t the craziest proposition the straight edge superstar has had since announcing his move to the company.

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