WWE News Roundup: Jerry Lawler, Total Divas, Network & Mick Foley


January 6, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Jerry Lawler Recovering After Illness
    King is out of the hospital and recovering well after his recent touch of diverticulitis (anyone?). Booker T filled in for Lawler on this past Monday’s Raw, much to the delight of fans and, probably, females. Now, how do we go about maiming Michael Cole so he cannot return to the announce team?


  • Total Divas Voted Best In Show
    In a victory that will devastate The Kardashians, Total Divas has been crowned best reality show of 2014 by the dudes (or rather, ladies) over at Pop Sugar. No word yet on how the Divas will be celebrating, but it’ll probably feature on the show whether it really happened or not.


  • Fans Respond Negatively To Raw
    Following Monday Night Raw, WWE rather bravely took to its Facebook page, to ask its millions of fans whether they enjoyed the show this week. The resounding answer was “No” with the current figures standing in excess of 10,000 negative votes, which doesn’t bode well for the year to come.


  • Network Finally Launching In UK
    We’ll believe it when we see it, of course, but word has it the Network is finally about to launch on this side of the pond, with UK fans due to get the same version as their Stateside buddies  on January 19th. The Royal Rumble PPV is being offered separately, for £19.99, while Raw and Smackdown will be broadcast on their usual Sky slots for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the exchange rate isn’t the best, with UK fans paying £9.99 while their Irish counterparts pay €12.99.


  • Foley Under Fire For T-Shirt Design
    Saint Mick found himself in hot water earlier this week after a pissed-off Reddit user accused him of stealing his T-shirt design, after approaching him to use it on Twitter. Although Foley originally defended himself, he later took to Facebook to admit he’d mishandled the situation and to apologise for the transgression.

2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Jerry Lawler, Total Divas, Network & Mick Foley

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