WWE News Roundup: Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Curtis Axel & AJ Lee


January 7, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Jericho Reveals He Is The Anti-Lesnar
    During an interview with Slam!, Chris Jericho described himself as “the anti-Brock Lesnar” as he’s midway through another quick return to the ring, unlike Lesnar who comes back once, maybe twice, a year. Jericho noted his days of full time wrestling are over, but he’ll continue to return every now and again “as long as I feel that I can still contribute, and can still perform at the highest level that I’ve set for myself”.


  • Sheamus, Henry Out With Injuries
    Eagle-eyed fans will have noted Sheamo and Mark Henry have been sadly missing from our TV screens as of late, and it’s now been confirmed that both are out with injuries. Henry left a cryptic message on his Twitter page, while Sheamus reportedly isn’t scheduled to appear at any shows until after Wrestlemania, which suggests he might be seriously messed up. Randy Orton is also suffering from a, er, deviated septum but is expected to be back in action within a few weeks.


  • Axel Moving Back To NXT
    We haven’t seen much of him on Raw or Smackdown lately, so you could be forgiven for thinking Curtis Axel had been forgotten about since, you know, Jack Swagger is around all the time so his big, blonde head isn’t really necessary. However, on last week’s episode of NXT, Axel showed up to beg GM William Regal for a spot and, according to several sources, Axel is going to be on the show full time from now on. This could be interesting or disastrous, depending on your viewpoint.


  • AJ Lee Injured/On Hols/Maybe Both
    The rumours about Mrs. Punk just keep on swirling, but the latest reports suggest AJ Lee is recovering from a few minor injuries and is due to return to action shortly. However, a Tweet she sent on December 30th hinted that she may be away on vacation. Or, she’s done what everyone thinks she’s about to do and has run away finally.


3 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Curtis Axel & AJ Lee

  1. Janne says:

    Actually, Jericho said that he is anti-Lesnar because he will only be doing house shows this time. Instead of Raw and Smackdown.

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