WWE News Roundup: Booker T, Sting, Bad News Barrett & Triple H


January 10, 2015 by Joey Keogh

grumpy jbl

  • Booker T Takes Over From King
    In a move that seems to have finally answered all our prayers, the currently ill Jerry Lawler has reportedly been permanently replaced by his replacement on Raw this week, Booker T. Now the WWE just have to get rid of the insufferable Cole and we might actually be blessed with an announce team who call the goddamn matches.


  • Sting Anti-Authority Angle Imminent
    Rumours abound that Sting is set to face up to The Authority on an upcoming episode of Raw, hence why he was randomly mentioned on this week’s show. Certain commentators speculate this was originally supposed to happen on the first show of 2015 but didn’t thanks to the rumoured last-minute rewrites everyone was bitching about on Facebook earlier in the week.


  • BNB Basks In IC Title Win
    Following his awesome take-down of current fan favourite Dolph Ziggler on this week’s Raw, Bad News Barrett has taken to Twitter to bask in the glory of his title win and, of course, to throw it back in the faces of Ziggler sympathisers by noting he would’ve beaten their beloved even worse if he didn’t have “a layer of ring rust” over him.


  • Trips To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame
    According to a statement on WWE.com, Triple H is due to be inducted into the 2015 International Sports Hall of Fame at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Columbus, this coming March. The event boasts a pretty bad ass poster, so is sure to be a lot of fun and is quite an honour for everyone’s favourite heel.

One thought on “WWE News Roundup: Booker T, Sting, Bad News Barrett & Triple H

  1. […] him into a curbstomp somehow. He lands himself in a headlock as a result, as Booker (who is now a permanent member of the announce team, hooray!) notes Cena hasn’t a chance in hell of winning this match. Cena punches Bad News […]

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