WWE News Roundup: Chris Jericho, Elimination Chamber, Raw Reunion & AJ Lee


January 15, 2015 by Joey Keogh

raw is jerichoi

  • Jericho Confirms New WWE Deal
    Following a surprise appearance at a house show in Alabama (during which he reportedly beat Harper in a singles match), Chris Jericho took to Twitter to announce he’d signed a new deal with WWE that allows for him to participate in sixteen house shows from now until March, when he goes back on tour with Fozzy. Crucially, Jericho will not be doing any more TV work on this current schedule, a decision he chose to make on foot of previous returns.


  • Fast Lane To Replace Elimination Chamber
    Apparently, the PPV titles are about to get even dumber this year (if that’s actually possible) with the revelation that Fast Lane is due to replace Elimination Chamber, which is sad considering EC is one of the less stupid names out of what’s currently on offer. The show is scheduled for February 22nd and may possibly include yet another Cena-led Main Event, if rumours are to be believed.


  • Raw Reunion Stars Announced
    The returning stars scheduled to appear at the highly-anticipated Raw Reunion show have been confirmed as HBK, Hogan (of course), Scott Hall and Ric Flair, among others. Kevin Nash was originally supposed to appear, but dropped out following a recent incident with his son. The show is being taped in Dallas, where our old buddy Sting is currently based, so fans are speculating he may make an appearance, too. Er, again.


  • AJ Return Imminent (Again)
    Following widespread speculation about her quitting just like her no-good husband, being injured and, rather weirdly, even pregnant, it’s finally been confirmed that AJ Lee is scheduled to appear at a house show in New Jersey later this month. So we can all stop talking about it now (but we probably won’t).


2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Chris Jericho, Elimination Chamber, Raw Reunion & AJ Lee

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