WWE News Roundup: Sheamus, Josh Matthews, Jim Ross & Kalisto


January 20, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Sheamo To Return At Royal Rumble
    According to PWInsider.com, the Celtic Warrior himself (who has been absent from TV for months at this stage) is due to make his highly-anticipated return this Sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV, as one of many surprise entrants. There’s also some talk that Sheamo may make an appearance on Smackdown this week, but that probably won’t cause as much of a stir because nobody watches that show. RVD is also rumoured to appear, along with Bo Dallas, who is out with an injury too, if anyone actually cares.


  • Josh Matthews Attacks JR On Twitter
    Following a tweet regarding UFC airing a special Fight Night programme directly after an NFL Playoffs show, in an effort to entice viewers to watch after the football action finished, Josh Matthews took aim at Jim Ross for claiming UFC “won” the night (as he felt it was a clever business decision on their part), pretty much telling him to shut up, old man. Matthews Tweeted “if you’re over 60, just go away” leading Ross to respond, claiming he didn’t expect him to be like that. Matthews then, instead of apologising, acknowledged the remark was “stiff” but that he was simply speaking his mind. Or trying to get attention, whichever works.


  • Kalisto To Be Moved Up Alone?
    They’re one of the hottest tag teams in NXT right now, but the Lucha Dragons may soon be splitting up as rumours abound that Kalisto is due to move up to the main roster all by himself. Nothing is set in stone yet, of course, and they may end up being moved up together. Considering the complete lack of a tag division right now, it’d make more sense to let the Lucha freak flag fly on Raw and Smackdown than trying to push poor Kalisto on his own (remember how well his partner Sin Cara did?).

3 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Sheamus, Josh Matthews, Jim Ross & Kalisto

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