WWE News Roundup: Ryback, WM 32, Beth Phoenix & Triple H


January 21, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Ryback’s Twitter Gets Even Crazier
    Just when you thought he’d calmed down, The Big Guy has decided to work the firing angle a little bit too much by pretending he was denied access to a WWE live event, on his already mental Twitter. No doubt the Tweet will be deleted before this post even goes live so get it while it’s hot, y’all.


  • Beth Phoenix Talks Shop, Possible WWE Return
    Legendary WWE Diva Beth Phoenix was interviewed earlier this week by the Star Gazette. Among other things, she discussed how lucky she was to get the opportunity to wrestle men during her career, how the money she earned was better than in comparable fields, how wrestlers “sign on” for injuries when they join the WWE, and, when it comes to a possible return to the ring, she’s still in good shape so “never say never”.


  • Wrestlemania 32 Venue Confirmed
    WWE issued a statement earlier this morning confirming that Wrestlemania 32 will be held on April 3rd, 2016, in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This bodes well for many fans’ near-constant predictions that Stone Cold could return at the event to wrestle his final match. Or, you know, anyone else from Texas.


  • Trips Proves He’s Not Such A Bad Guy After All
    According to a fan who attended this week’s Raw taping, Triple H broke character momentarily to console a kid he’d upset, and later even gave him some free merch, and brought him backstage, to make up for it. Twitter user Chris Olds shared some pics from the night, having been sat behind the kid the whole time. It’s nice to know that Trips isn’t a heel 24/7. Apparently Steph isn’t either but there’s no photographic proof of it.


2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Ryback, WM 32, Beth Phoenix & Triple H

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