Mark’s Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions

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January 25, 2015 by gorillapressonline

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The 28th annual Royal Rumble takes place tonight, with the classic, over the top rope 30 man match a guaranteed highlight of the wrestling calendar as it starts the road to Wrestlemania.

Aside from the aforementioned Rumble match, the card is rather lack-lustre and with this said this event could pleasantly surprise. All eyes will be on the WWE Network in the UK as this will be the first live streamed PPV, so here’s hoping everything runs smoothly.

6 Man Elimination tag match: Kidd/Cesaro/Adam Rose Vs The New Day
Kidd and Cesaro are the new workhorses of the WWE, appearing in excellent matches across all programming. Adam Rose on the other hand could let his side down dramatically.

The New Day are in need of a high profile win, as their gospel preacher gimmick is for the most part falling short. Expect team-member Kofi Kingston to enter the Rumble match later and steal the show yet again as sadly he is relegated to spot monkey and never destined for bigger things, which is a real shame as he is a talented wrestler.

That being said, Kidd and Cesaro could ride the coattails of this victory and hopefully a wider audience will get to see the outstanding Swing Kick team manoeuvre they have been utilising.

Kidd, Cesaro and Rose to get the victory on the pre-show.


Divas Tag Team match: Paige & Natalya Vs The Bella Twins
The token Total Divas match of the night pairs buddies Paige and Natayla up as they take on the Bellas. Expect this match to be slotted in the purgatory match immediately after the rumble.

That being said this is inconsequential and the title isn’t even on the PPV, proving the confidence that the WWE has in these ladies.

Paige and Natalya should overcome the Bellas with a win here and keep the feud alive – both in the ring and on Total Divas, which is sadly the only thing WWE is concerned with when it comes to its main roster ladies.

Paige & Nattie to take the win


30 Man Over The Top Rope Royal Rumble Match
The winner of the Royal Rumble earns a coveted spot in the Main Event of Wrestlemania and all the build up points the finger directly at Roman Reigns, (last year he impressively evicted 12 Superstars). Much of the same is set to happen but all eyes will be on the returning Daniel Bryan and hopefully the Viper Randy Orton,  who is also rumoured to appear tonight.

Reigns has a lot of work to do before he takes the main slot as, although he definitely has the look, his microphone skills need a little bit of polishing – give him another year and keep him square in the Main Event circle to allow him time to hone his craft against more experienced wrestlers.

Hopes are for Bryan to win the match but expect a lot of returning talent and some surprises thrown in the mix for good measure; The Dudley Boys, for example, have left TNA and rumours are circulating that they will be in the rumble match.

Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose will also be two competitors to keep a keen eye on during this match, as they both have the potential to steal the show.

The rumble is always a chaotic, fun time and this is where the build up to Mania begins so the WWE Universe will be collectively on tenterhooks awaiting the result.

Heart says Daniel Bryan to take the win


The Usos Vs The Miz & Damien Mizdow: WWE Tag Team championship match
Nothing new here as once again we are given the same tag match, just on a new PPV. With The Ascension facing The New Age Outlaws on the same card, theirs is the preferred tag match and one which could cement the NXT favourites as legitimate competition, so this really fades into the background.

Mizdow is the only real reason to watch this otherwise dull fare, as he is outstanding as the stunt double for The Miz. Further to this, this could be a perfect opportunity for the Lucha Dragons to enter the main roster and shake things up a bit. This could be feasible as Kallisto is set to step up from NXT so hopefully Sin Cara could make the move with him otherwise the Uso brothers will retain and continue to take this tag division nowhere.

Uso to retain the Tag Team Championships


The Ascension vs The New Age Outlaws
The Ascension
were a vital tag team component in the NXT roster, yet since their move to the big leagues have been constantly berated by JBL on commentary and fed jobber fodder in what can only be seen as a lack of confidence on the part of the WWE.

After a brutal beat-down at the hands of the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn on the Raw Reunion show earlier in the week, the only logical approach now would be to have Konnor and Viktor destroy the Outlaws in a speedy and intense match, thus legitimising them as a team to watch out for.

Crucially, this match could either make or break The Ascension by throwing them straight into the title race or off into the obscurity of the already fading tag team division.

Here’s hoping WWE get it right and the capable hands of the Outlaws play the enhancement role perfectly and the fans are talking about the awesome power of The Ascension in the days that follow.

The Ascension to make quick work of the New Age Outlaws


WWE Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena Vs Seth Rollins
Brock Lesnar
has been nothing but a paper champion in his current WWE tenure, with Paul Heyman doing a damn fine job keeping him relevant in his absence. Now would be an excellent time to see him drop the title as he really doesn’t need the belt and it doesn’t even seem to be the focus of any story-lines of late – a fate which will, sadly, hurt the prestige of the belt no end regardless of who’s holding it.

That being said a number of factors could play into this match; firstly the Money In The Bank that Rollins currently holds, i.e. one outcome is either Lesnar retains or Cena wins forcing Rollins to cash in and curbstomp his way to the title.

The more reasonable option is to have Rollins win clean, pinning Cena – thereby keeping Lesnar as a dominant force – and furthering the Cena/Rollins feud.

John Cena is still the face of the company and, although it is hard to look past him winning the championship yet again, the fans would be rewarded greater with Rollins winning and solidifying him as a Main Event star, leading up to a possible match against Reigns at Mania if he wins the Rumble simultaneously.

Seth Rollins to Cash in the MITB and win the WWE WHC title


The Royal Rumble kickoff show is at 7 ET/4 PT, with the main show starting at 8 ET/5 PT live on the WWE Network TONIGHT, 25th January 2015

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