Lucha Underground Recap: Episode 10, 14/1/2015


January 28, 2015 by gorillapressonline


The last episode saw the Lucha Underground crown its inaugural champion, Prince Puma, meaning all the other Luchadors will have their eyes on him and that title from here on out.

Crowned in an exciting 20-man elimination tournament, Puma fought hard to win the belt and over the course of the match several story-lines were boosted, all with answers now waiting to unfold.

The episode opens with an excellent promo video, bringing everything up to speed. The production values are tremendous, showing that what separates LU from other indy promotions is almost soap-opera-styled segments that further story-lines and run through the whole current of the show. This may put off some fans, but it feels in line with the style of the El Rey Network and works quite nicely for the show itself too.

Tonight’s show opens with Fenix talking to Dario Cuerto. Not only does this allow new fans to get up to speed with events, it furthers the talent, putting them over in an innovative light, as Cuerto reveals how impressed he is with Fenix and his ring style and how he wants him to destroy the champion Prince Puma.

It’s then announced that he will defend the title against Fenix last in the show.


Four Way Elimination match: Aerostar Vs Argenis Vs Angelico Vs Cage
Four brand new Luchadors enter the temple in this match, all vying for the spotlight at Lucha Underground. First impressions of Angelico bring to mind Evan Bourne and Zack Sabre Jr; Cage is a huge wrestler and it will be interesting to see how he transcribes to the high-flying style of LU. Aerostar is a Mexican high flyer hailing from the Cosmos, and will be an excellent addition to the temple, while Argenis offers a mixture of strong style with the more traditional Luchador elements thrown into the mixture.

Cage showcases his strength from the get go but sadly the smarts don’t go with it and, as he turns to gloat, the other three Luchas assault him. Angelico then smashes Cage with a huge Mafia Knee before catching the sprightly Aerostar, who springboards from the ropes with a beautiful Frankensteiner hurricanrana, which is an absolute delight to witness – these flourishes are what allows LU to stand out from the crowd.

Cage shows an impressive feat of strength when he catches Aerostar vertically and blasts him with a jacknife powerbomb.

Aerostar impresses the most out of the four, with a huge dive from the ropes but, not one to be outdone, the South African Angelico asserts his confidence with a wonderful dive, taking out the other three Luchas in the process.

Cage gets the first elimination, taking out Argenis and quickly follows this up by cleaning house by getting rid of Aerostar too.

This leaves just Cage and Angelico, two completely different athletes facing off for a spot in the LU roster. After a nicely executed Pele Kick, Angelico runs the ropes only to eat a massive spinning lariat from Cage, who quickly steals the victory.

Cage wins the Fatal Four Way


An excellent introduction to four new competitors, with each of them offering some feats to marvel at, but ultimately the power and sturdiness of Cage couldn’t be bested.

Out of the four Luchadors, Cage didn’t quite feel in the vein of Lucha Underground and his post-match promo (in which he proclaimed he is a machine) may hint at him being built as a Rusev-type with an imminent win streak in the temple as a result.

The South African Angelico and Aerostar both have a lot to offer and the cross style of Argenis will be well-suited to matches with Chavo and some of the larger Luchadors in the future.

Chavo Guerrero takes to the ring following the match, to audible boos from the LU fans. He is here to apologise to Blue Demon jr after betraying his and his family’s legacy over the past few months. Demon comes out to address the situation and Chavo proceeds to heel it up, offering the apology that he didn’t unmask Blue Demon and piling on the heat as the crowd eat it up.

Blue Demon wastes no time in returning the favour by hitting Chavo with a metal chair.


Drago Vs King Cuerno
King Cuerno
comes to the ring adorned in a headdress, and the hunter means business tonight against Drago.

Drago and Cuerno are no strangers to each other in the ring and the work they produce together is wonderfully paced and intense, the action frantic with rope-running combinations and effective and innovative striking.

Cuerno slows the pace for a moment, setting up a table as Drago is laid out at ringside. Cuerno gets him set up for a powerbomb from the apron and lands a corkscrew attack over the top rope, which is quickly followed up with a chair shot to the Hunter.

Drago scrambles to the top of the temple and, from the very top of the arena, dives onto Cuerno through the table, the fearlessness of Drago ending the match in a double count-out.

Drago dives 14 ft onto King Cuerno to force a draw


Underground Title Match: Prince Puma Vs Fenix Lucha
After a quick promo for Fenix, it’s Main Event time at the temple as Prince Puma makes his way to the ring for his first title defence. Both Luchadors had plenty of altercations at Aztec Warfare and Fenix is set on taking home the gold, rising from the ashes as it were.

Puma is the highlight of Lucha Underground and, aside from his connection with Konnan, is completely over in the Temple.

The match wastes no time with an amazing display of timing and agility as both Luchadors evade the other’s attacks, trying to get a feel for each other. This is one of many great ways LU uses style to enhance the matches, and is atypical of the Lucha style, too. When moves do connect, the impact is great and Puma gets Fenix over by selling his attacks and changing his strategic style to suit the pacing.

Fenix, on the other hand, utilises the whole ring to his advantage, covering lots of ground with kicks to Puma’s back, keeping the champion down. Fenix manages a close call with a Tajiri handspring into a Cutter for a close two count (moves such as these will be wearing down the champion considerably) and for the most part Fenix is holding the ground nicely against Puma.

It’s also testament to the booking team that, although both Luchadors are faces, there are no heel traits used and both are kept true to their respective characters.

Puma heads to the top to finish things off, after a number of close calls. A rope walk from Fenix is greeted by a kick to the face and Prince Puma hits a 630 backsplash to successfully win his first title defence.

Prince Puma etains the Lucha Underground Title


As Puma celebrates in the middle of the ring, Cage viciously attacks him from behind, following up with a brutal ground and pound assault. Cage has really made a mark on the Lucha Underground and solidifies that with three consecutive powerbombs, throwing Puma like a rag-doll.

Although Cage’s début was dominating, having him attack the champion after only one match seemed a little rushed and he could’ve benefited from waiting to build up some heat. That’s not to say his impact won’t have repercussions and leave Puma feeling exposed, however.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see where this feud goes and how it’s built over the next few episodes.


Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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