WWE News Roundup: Road Dogg, Triple H, Vince Russo & BNB


February 7, 2015 by Joey Keogh

Road Dogg

  • Road Dogg Not Impressed With Twitter Heat
    Following the backlash from what certain fans are calling the worst Rumble in history, the Road Dogg himself took to Twitter to express his annoyance at what he feels is an unjustifiably negative reaction. According to WO, he was instrumental in booking the match, along with Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, Michael Hayes and Pat Patterson, so it makes sense he’s a bit butthurt over it. However, knowing that such a wealth of talent was involved just makes it even worse.


  • Vince Russo Still Can’t Shut Up
    Nobody’s favourite booker Vince Russo posted a video blog following Trips’ interview with Stone Cold, to give out about how he wasn’t impressed with the comments about Chyna, in particular. In spite of the fact he admits he didn’t watch the interview and simply read the comments (!), Russo thinks he’s within his rights to tell us all the truth: Triple H ruined Chyna‘s life. He even forced her into doing porn because she couldn’t earn money any other way! The video is almost 35 minutes long because, as usual, Russo just can’t seem to shut up. But suffice to say he isn’t happy and he wants us all to know about it. Again.


  • Triple H Reckons RAW Should Be Two Hours
    Speaking of that incendiary podcast, the repercussions from which are still being felt, in spite of everyone being a bit peeved that Trips “pretended” he has no animosity towards Punk and that he doesn’t think Chyna should be inducted into the HOF, one positive we can take away from all this is that Trips, like all of us, believes Raw would be better as a two-hour show. So, even though it’s probably never going to happen in real life, we can still dream.


  • BNB Scores New TMZ Gimmick
    has been hopping into bed with TMZ more and more frequently lately, using them to push storylines and reveal “shocking” info (all Kayfabe, of course, otherwise they’d be in serious trouble). And, as a result, everyone’s favourite grumpy Brit Bad News Barrett revealed on Twitter yesterday that he’s got a new gossip-site gimmick: BNZ. No idea what the Z stands for, but Barrett assured us he’s going to deliver gossip, scandal and more. With sexy results.


One thought on “WWE News Roundup: Road Dogg, Triple H, Vince Russo & BNB

  1. […] out Bad News Barrett, who takes the opportunity to pop up on the Titantron and tell us all about his new gimmick, BNZ. Why isn’t Ambrose after Rollins again? Is this all a work, to try and make us forget that […]

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