Lucha Underground Recap: Episode 13

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February 18, 2015 by gorillapressonline

luchaThis week’s episode of the already unmissable Lucha Underground

opens with another slick, pre-recorded segment and, keeping with the continuity going, Johnny Mundo is pissed at Dario Cuerto because of the $10K that he was promised for winning the tournament during the first run of the show.

Mundo takes a key from around Dario’s neck, who is visibly shaken by this act – what is the key for? What does it symbolise? Mundo hasn’t been on LU since Aztec Warfare so it’ll be great to see him back in the temple.

The aftermath from the excellent Prince Puma/Cage altercation last week is replayed to refresh viewers’ memories – a nice way to keep us up to speed that, unlike certain other companies, isn’t shown every five minutes, offering fans a little more credibility.

The live action gets under way with the awesome band Mariachi El Bronx (go and check out the Bronx and this side Mariachi band, if you haven’t already, they are great).


Son of Havoc w/ Ivelisse Vs. Angelico
Son Of Havoc Angelico
is pissed off at the Lucha Underground fans talking trash about her and Havoc on Twitter, and claims she is the baddest chick on the roster.

Havoc has some stiff competition against Angelico in this match, the South African luchador seriously impressed in his début just a few episodes ago.

The speed of Son of Havoc will certainly come into play against the hybrid strong-style/classic lucha style of Angelico (who also towers over the much smaller Havoc) and indeed it does in the early stages as he offers devastating strikes and high knees into Havoc’s face, taking a firm grip of the match early on.

Of course, Ivelisse can’t help getting herself involved, grabbing the foot of Angelico who tries to stomp her before running the ropes. Havoc then counters a hurricanrana with a reverse powerbomb-style drop that looks amazing in real time and garners him a close two count.

Duelling chants fill the Lucha Temple. The crowd are always 100% behind the luchadors, and though it is well deserved, it is still nice to see. Havoc does a good job of countering Angelico and stopping his offence but, when he fails, Angelico is quick to take the spring showing off just how destructive his high-fly attacks are.

Havoc misses a huge moonsault from the top rope but manages to land on his feet and recover, before once again countering a move from Angelico, turning into a powerbomb that he sells perfectly. Instead of capitalising, however, he is more interested in Ivelisse who nearly eats a huge flying punch from the South African.

An excellent exchange then sees Angelico going for a kiss from Ivelisse, before Havoc accidentally head-butts her in the stomach, knocking the valet off the apron. Havoc yet again gets another close count – he can’t seem to get a win in the temple, a fact which Angelico takes full advantage of as he rounds on him to steal the victory.

Angelico gets the win with a quick roll-up pin


A solid, entertaining opener from two luchadors to keep an eye on, as Angelico in particular could be set to headline soon, especially seeing as he would pair fantastically with current champion Puma.

Another vignette with Mundo and Cuerto sets the next angle up. Both men have had time to cool off since their earlier altercation and now Dario wants Mundo to fight Cage tonight and rectify the damage he has caused.


Famous B Vs.Pentagon Jr
Pentagon Jr
Famous B
makes his LU debut tonight, against the menacing Pentagon Jr. This match-up will be no easy task for B, especially as a cool promo akin to the one for Cage last week is aired first, showing fans a little more of the Pentagon Jr character as he talks about martial arts and demonstrates his skills. These are very cool and stylishly filmed, but the newcomer must be shaking in his boots.

As it happens, Famous B holds up quite nicely in the early stages, going toe to toe with the man with no obvious fear. Pentagon, on the other hand, looks angry and frustrated and his opponent takes the brunt of it. He hits him with a stiff kick to the jaw, flooring the newcomer.

Pentagon then hits a package piledriver, with the knees of Famous B hooked, which looks absolutely brutal, before applying a MMA-style submission on his arm, stretching it tautly.

Pentagon Jr then takes to the microphone and assures the fans he has no fear and will always be loyal to his master. The question now, is who is Pentagon Jr‘s master and will he be revealed on LU in the coming weeks?

Pentagon refuses to let the hold go long after Famous B submits, this aggressive side to Pentagon Jr is welcome


The third, pre-recorded promo of the night reveals that the key Dario holds is keeping a lucha imprisoned and that a female named Black Lotus is seeking revenge on whoever is locked up.

These vignettes are key, as they allow LU to develop numerous story-lines in a short amount of time while also giving the show a linear track much like telenovelas, or so-called Spanish soap operas.


Drago Vs. Aerostar
The temple is in for a treat with this match, Drago has impressed thus far in his series against King Cuerno, and the fast-paced athletic styling of Aerostar should be watched also.

The two luchas face off and from the get-go their speed is evident, as Aerostar hits a springboard double footstomp from outside the ring over the top rope, which is hugely impressive, as the spatial awareness and technical ability of both wrestlers allows the match to move at a nice pace.

Aerostar dives over the top rope, landing an almost slow motion dive that looks like he is actually falling like a star – a really cool spot.

Drago takes to the offence and the speed gets get the better of the luchadors as they mistime a leapfrog, resulting in a collision, although to be fair to Aerostar he recovers from the spot well and keeps the flow going.

Drago takes control of the match and gets the victory with a modified blockbuster into a DDT sweeping up a win in the temple


Following the match, Drago sees to the injured Aerostar and, in a wonderful display of sportsmanship, checks his opponent and shakes hands. It’s great to see this display of respect between fighters.

An excellently-paced match and a great example of the talent on this roster. Many traditional wrestling fans will be unfamiliar with this kind of style and this is a great step up for fans of early Rey Mysterio Jr, in particular, who are looking for something a bit different.


Johnny Mundo Vs Cage
Johnny Mundo Cage
The Main Event sees something the temple fans wouldn’t have expected, Mundo doing the work of Dario Cuerto as he faces off against the monster Cage. Since his début a few weeks ago, in the fatal four way, Cage has had his targets set on destroying the LU roster and taking the championship for himself. When he failed at that task he memorably ripped the belt in two and left Prince Puma in a heap in the centre of the ring.

In an act of defiance Cage comes to the ring with the broken title belt around his massive frame. Mundo tries to use his speed to overcome his opponent’s considerable power and is tossed around like a rag-doll in return. Mundo impressively lands after an arm-drag flip and a modified Shining Wizard looks amazing.

The pacing and format of these kinds of matches allows Mundo room to develop moves and tell a story in the ring, something that he wasn’t quite able to do in the WWE and his talent really shines through here.

Cage also deserves a lot of credit as, even though he is a legitimate monster, he doesn’t no sell the talent and their moves, which adds a lot of credibility to his character. He also isn’t afraid to take a risk and is surprisingly agile for a man of his size, missing a moonsault which allows Mundo to keep fighting.

Cage then backs out of the ring, avoiding the End of the world manoeuvre from Mundo. Luckily Mundo lands on his feat and once again steals the show the an over the turnbuckle spinning assault.

King Cuerno, who has been watching from the rafters, slowly paces down the stairs and takes out the legs of Johnny Mundo, disqualifying Cage in the process. Cuerno then viciously attacks Mundo with a succession of kicks and chops.

He singles out the leg of Mundo, smashing him with chairs as the fans boo him out the building – so much heat for such a short segment, it’s wonderful to see.

The match is restarted, allowing the injured Mundo another chance at Cage – however it’s not as much of a friendly gesture as the head honcho is making out. He wisely goes after the leg of Mundo and continues to manhandle him, but out of sheer passion he fights back. Sadly it’s to no avail with Cage showing some excellent ring work, stretching the leg of Mundo in a submission as he writhes in pain.

Close falls and some great counters allow this match to continue, as Mundo makes the already impressive Cage look outstanding.

Cages overpowers Mundo winning the match with his Gotch style slam finisher an impressive main event which topped off an all round great episode


The show closes with yet another pre-recorded segment; this time Dario is on the phone when he is interrupted by none other than ALBERTO EL PATRON!!!!! Safe to say, everyone watching, both at home and in the temple, is losing their minds right now. What an awesome way to introduce the Mexican legend and have fans waiting to see what capacity he will affect the underground.

Is it next week yet?


Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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